Natural hair and lifestyle blogger, Shawntas Crook has definitely made her mark on the digital world. Not only is she an influencer on the popular platform of YouTube (known as Shawntas Way) but she’s also a mommy on a mission. She’s all about hair, so much even that she makes her own organic products for natural hair! In this exclusive interview with Sheen, Shawntas shares what it’s like juggling motherhood and YouTube and also gives insight into the process of growing her gorgeous, voluminous hair.

Tell us about yourself? What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

I’m Shawnta and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I am a mother first to my beautiful daughter but outside of that, I am also an entrepreneur who is in the process of creating my dream life! I was inspired back in 2015 to start my YouTube channel simply because I would get questions on Instagram mainly about hair and health; which made me say to myself “Why don’t I just create a YouTube channel?”  In this case, Shawntas Way was created and just as it still is, my channel grew into something I cherish and love. 

Can you tell us about your journey to grow long natural hair?

A lot of times, people ask me if my hair has always been this healthy and long and the answer is no. Even though I had long hair back when I was relaxed, my hair was extremely brittle and unhealthy. It wasn’t until I started to pay close attention to my hair by doing DIY’S and consistent routines that I actually started to have long and healthy hair. Once I got the hang of keeping my routines consistent and also creating awesome hair products on my own, my hair has benefited greatly!

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman. Do you mind sharing your holy grail products for your hair?

My favorite holy grail product is my Hair Growth Oil that I create and sell myself, I use this all the time! This hair growth oil is a major part of the growth that my hair experiences today. I love Rooted Treasure Jamaican Black Castor Oil, As I Am Curling Jelly, Alaffia Everyday Beautiful Curls Line, and Shea Moistures Raw Shea Butter Line.

You’re also a mother on top of creating content for your subscribers. How would describe balancing all that you have on your plate?

Well, it is a lot! More than what people would ever think. I have a lot on my plate because I also have my hair products that I create on the side so it gets hectic. Although, I usually schedule days to create content and days to simply be present in my own personal life. If its a day where I can’t choose between work and time with my daughter, I simply combine the two. There are days where I’ll take my daughter to the park for picnics and while she plays I’ll work on editing my content. If its a filming day, I will sometimes allow her to be in my videos with me. So the simple answer is to plan and improvise.

What tips do you have for those that want to be able to grow their natural hair?

I always say that moisture and deep conditioning is a huge part of hair growth. Also, watch what you are putting into your body internally, a lot of times this part of hair growth is pushed to the side but it is very important! Be sure to seal your hair with an oil once you are done styling so that your styles actually last.

Lastly, what can we expect to see from Shawntas in the future?

You can expect to see more growth! My hair product line will be out a lot more and my channel will continue to grow. I always like to let people know that my growth never stops. That moment when I think I’m done, God brings so much more to me!

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