You know and love her as Naturally Sunny on YouTube but we’ve got the inside scoop we know you’ve been dying to get to. Atiya, popularly known for her YouTube name, Naturally Sunny is a young beauty vlogger from Maryland killing the streaming service as she shares her love for all things beauty. Atiya, which is an Arabic name means gift and present and we couldn’t think of a better name for her. She’s a gift to all of us in the world of the Internet so we couldn’t be more excited when Atiya agreed to allow us the chance to get to know her. In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Atiya or Naturally Sunny takes Sheen readers on a ride to get to know just who she is.

Tell us about yourself beyond the world of YouTube.
Well, beyond the world of YouTube I’m pretty much your average young adult. I’m 23-years-old, still trying to find myself mentally, physically, spiritually. I love hanging out with my friends but I’m always thinking of more things to do as far as my career path and where I want to go. 60% of my thoughts is thinking of my future. I really don’t go out that much; I’m kind of a loner (laughs).

I graduated last May so I’m still trying to find myself and who I am in this world. YouTube isn’t going to be my only career path, I want to do others things, like entrepreneurship!

What inspired you to create your beauty channel?
When I was in high school and college, I had a lot of people ask me about my eyebrows, which I did not know why! The trend back then was to have very bold and dark eyebrows; they looked like caterpillars (laughs). People also always asked about my hair and skin. I considered making a channel because I was always on YouTube anyway. Instead of always having to explain myself, I thought it would be helpful to just send them a link to a video showing them how I did it.

Where did the name Naturally Sunny come from?
Naturally comes from my hair even though I have been wigging it out lately, and when I prayed about my name, God actually called me Sunny. He explained that my personality is very bright and inspirational. That’s where Naturally Sunny came from!

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, do you mind sharing your holy grail product?
For skin care, it is definitely the Aveeno Daily Cleansing Pads. For my hair, I love this oil called Doo Gro. For makeup, I would definitely say the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brown Pomade because I barely have brows and I need that, I just need it! (laughs)

With the fall season creeping up on us, what colors are you excited to work with whether it’s through makeup or hair?
For both hair and makeup, it’s definitely burgundy. That is always my go-to color, burgundy, and red.

What is something most of your subscribers don’t know about you?
I love food! I am a foodie, a food connoisseur. I love crunchy food. I love chips and just anything with crunch. I think I got that from my mom because she loves crunchy food too. It’s a bad habit (laughs).

What do you enjoy doing outside of YouTube?
I really enjoy going out with my friends, pretty much what any typical person does, just enjoying life outside of social media. I try not to get on Instagram and Twitter all the time. I just want to enjoy where I’m at in my life.

What can we expect to see from Naturally Sunny in the future?

Well, you can definitely expect to see me working with makeup companies more, just inspiring people, and helping people more. I would love to have a sit-down girls group where we can all talk and I can share my testimony about my life to help others. I want to also grow my business because I do have a makeup business. Right now, I just sell lashes but I would love to expand and get into the makeup industry with concealers, foundations, lipsticks, lip-glosses, and more. I just want to travel the world and go everywhere!

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