She’s all things beauty, fashion, and DIY, online influence Symphani Soto has become a sensation in the world of YouTube. In an exclusive interview with the beloved influencer, we got know her beyond the camera and it’s certainly obvious as we to how she’s quickly gained a following of over 320,000 subscribers. Tune into our conversation with Symphani Soto to get to know the young, beautiful star who is making a name for herself beyond the world of YouTube.

Tell our readers about yourself. What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

My name is Symphani Soto, I am 25-years-old and I am a beauty influencer but I also do a little lifestyle content as well. I’ll do vlogs and things of that nature on my channel too. What inspired me to create my channel was that I’ve always been around the beauty world. My mom was a cosmetologist but now she’s a psychologist. I’ve just always been really involved in beauty, hair, and makeup, all that so I want to say around the age of 21, I decided to try to do it on YouTube and it just went off from there! I was really excited to show young girls that were my age how to deal with skin problems and how I use makeup to build that confidence while showing my creative side too.

How do you believe you have progressed or as a person since becoming an online influencer?

I feel like I have progressed through my confidence since being in this world or YouTube and beauty because you have to kind of have tough skin. I used to not have that, I used to be insecure and afraid to show the flaws I had. Being an influencer has brought that out of me. I’m much for confident in myself now and I’m not afraid to show vulnerable sides to myself. It has definitely helped me progress in that area for sure.

If you had to chose one product to use for the rest of your life, what would you chose and why?

Oh my gosh, that’s so hard (laughs). I would chose a moisturizer. I’ve currently been liking Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask. Since being in Los Angeles, my skin has just been so dry but I feel like it is so important to keep that moisture in your skin, especially if you’re wanting to look young, prevent fine lines and stuff like that. I’m super into anti-aging products so I would definitely keep a moisturizer, for sure!

If you do receive hate from people online, how do you remain humble and stay consistent with your channel?

Well, I’ve sort of always been in a place where I’ve been bullied a lot… As much as that has held me back in some fields, it has actually made me into a more humble person. It’s made me realize that I’m just like anyone else. Being an influencer does not make me better than anyone. I’ve been through those tough times where people have not liked me or have made negative comments. When the internet was popping back in my teenage years, I was receiving online bullying before it was even an actual thing. It helped me remain confident in myself that I still had something to show people or show them that they have something they can relate to me. I always remember that I’m just a regular person, just because you have a large platform, it doesn’t make you any different from anyone else.
What is something most of your subscribers don’t know about you?

Hmm. I really like to read. That is one of my favorite things to do to past time. I listen to audio books since I don’t have time where I can sit down and read. I also love listening to podcasts, just stuff that are uplifting and inspirational. Sometimes when you’re juggling being an influencer, it can be hard to always be super consistent or super confident. It is very saturated community and it can be hard to navigate what you want in order to be different and stay in that lane. You may look at everyone else and see what they’re doing which can cause self doubt. I like to constantly stay in a positive mind state because it’s hard to do that sometimes (laughs).

What else do you hope to accomplish outside of YouTube?

Outside of YouTube, I have finished my EP. Aside from being a beauty influencer, my first passion has always been music. I finally got the opportunity to just flourish in that avenue and try to be creative in a different way. I’m really excited to just put out my music and show a different side of me since most people know me for beauty. I think it’s cool that I’m now able to show people the other side of myself.

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