Zendaya has returned to her hometown of Oakland, California and it seems as if she didn’t come alone this time.

The Greatest Showman actress and Google have joined forces in order to give back to students at Roses in Concrete Community School in East Oakland.

In 2015, the school received a $750, 000 grant from and now, they will be receiving $650, 000 to fund their innovative computer science curriculum. A principal at, Justin Steele and Zendaya both see the importance of giving schools the funds to support computer science.

“Roses in Concrete captured us because it is intentionally a communally and culturally responsive school. It is based on the idea that schools should be responsive and integrated into the communities surrounding the school and be respective of the cultures of the students in the schools. That means the curriculum should be culturally relevant, it means there are community organizers on staff at the school. It’s a really powerful model.”

– Principal at, Justin Steele

In an interview with TheGrio, Steele shared that there have been several roadblocks that have been int he way of students of color utilizing new technology.

“Representation is important as well. Thats why we are so excited to be able to engage an Oakland native like Zendaya in a project like this so we can show an example that there are people who grew up in these neighborhoods and look like them who are using technology and computer science to generate art and push creativity and further spread their message to the world. We need those examples.” has also partnered with celebrities such as Chance The Rapper in Chicago.

Total, Google has invested over $40 million in computer science over the last few years.

Featured Image: Shutterstock