It’s officially the time of year when we all struggle the most with beauty. In the Fall, we are still looking good and feeling happy from the vitamin D and Summer endorphins. During the holidays, we are enjoying turkey and gravy, eggnog, and chocolate with wreckless abandon and reveling in spirited cheer.

By February our over-drinking, over-eating, non-hydrating, and non-exercising catches up to us. You look in the mirror and see a depressed, puffy woman with flaky, dry skin and dark circles under her eyes staring back at you.

If you do some calculating you will find that you have to get to about May before your Winter blues will subside. That’s 12-14 cold, hard weeks.

Just because you hate the Winter and you want to cry or die, the world doesn’t need to know about it. There are some really great products and techniques that you can employ to hide your seasonal affective disorder from the world.

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