Amari Johnson is a 5th generation children’s wear fashion designer taking over the fashion industry. At just 16 years-old, Johnson’s designs were featured in New York Fashion Week and she doesn’t plan on stopping there. Amari has followed her dreams, continued to shine, and plans on paving the way for many into following their dreams. SHEEN had the chance to speak with Amari to discuss her career and goals as a designer.

Can you tell us about your career and how you came about designing?

At just five years old, I used to go into the basement and watch my mother teach sewing classes. My mother realized that I had an interest and decided to teach me. My mother would teach classes about all aspects of the fashion world and I consumed as much as I could. By ten years old, I started my own company. I began with little custom projects and from there boosted my debut plus size designs. Since then I have decided to do only children’s wear. I train all my models and they travel with me whenever I do a show.

(CREDIT: Kelsey Dodd)

 – “I try to encourage people and tell them they can be whatever they want, just don’t stop, and don’t give up.”

Tell me about the importance of following your dreams and paving the way for young designers?

Everybody that was placed on earth has a purpose. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling that, because it is yours. If you can do it for free and change lives while at it, that is your purpose. Go after your purpose and find out how to make it work for you. Everybody has their own path and they have to learn how to unapologetically pave it. Everyday is a learning experience for me. My goal is to share what I learn to hopefully help someone who has a dream, and just needs a little boost of encouragement to go and follow it.

Do you have any advice for young designers?

The advice I have for young designers is the same advice I have for anyone with a dream. That would be to just do it! So many people allow the fear of the unknown to hinder them from going after their dreams and they forget that it’s their dream. Nobody is going to do your dream like you would and each and everyone of us has a responsibility to the world to make our dreams a reality, so don’t let the world down.

What has being in this industry taught you about your career?

The fashion industry is a fast paced, always moving industry where you have to always be one step ahead to make it. If I had to choose one thing that the industry has taught me it would be to go for it and if you get a no don’t take it personally. Fashion is art, not everyone has the same taste. 

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

I would love to have a store front; I want to inspire people to do whatever it is they want to do in life. Speak until the world hears you, is what motivates me. Currently, I am working on custom projects and planning a fashion show in November of 2018. Follow my social media to stay updated.

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FEATURED IMAGE by: Pippen Photography | all images provided by Amari Johnson