With lyrics that sink into the heart and penetrate deeply into the mind, it’s no surprise that Kam Corvet is a highly sought-after artist. As a successful singer, songwriter and guitarist–Kam has traveled the world with his guitar in hand, performing as a solo acoustic act opening up shows for Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Adele, Tamia and so many more.

Another example of his creative drive and passionate nature, came in the form of Kam composing and writing the international hit song “Don’t Make Me Wait” for superstars, Sting and Shaggy’s Reggae album 44/876, which now has been nominated for a 2019 Grammy.

Coming from a background where music was a big part of his family, Kam’s early desire to work with the acoustic guitar, paved the way and opened up many doors for his music career. Kam says, “When I was at Sunday service, I never noticed anyone playing the guitar—that was the only instrument that was missing. The next step was to convince my parents to go along with it, which took quite a bit of convincing. I told them that I have all these songs in my head, and I’d love to be able to get them out and the guitar would help me do that.”  The rest is history. That anecdote he shared speaks volumes about his success because he has been setting and accomplishing goals for years. In 2006, he released his first independent album “Saying Things” and has traveled the world domestically and internationally sharing his gift with the world. Since his very first album, Kam has continued to show us his stellar range and ability with more music, including his EP, F_ck, Love, Darker Than Gray, and his most recent EP, Early Riser.

Making memorable music is simply a part of who Kam is on a humanistic level. He naturally gravitates to the world around him and finds inspiration from real life events. People from all around the world can personally identify with his lyrics and the messages that are beautifully conveyed through his work. In asking Kam about his songwriting process, he says, “A method for me is rhythm, melody, and lyrics—in any order. If they only have one listen, you want to make sure that they’ll want to listen to it again.” No problem there—people are certainly listening to his music, again and again, all while being inspired by how his lyrics move through them.

His single, “Give It A Try,” is all about someone who is reluctant to take the relationship plunge, but eventually—through time and self-reflection, they come around and want to give it a try. From the moment the song begins, the listener is drawn into the magic Kam creates through his voice, lyrics, and style.

As a strong songwriter in the industry, Kam has created songs for many names in the such as Case, Freddie Jackson, Angie Stone and more. In a recent interview with Kam, we discussed his songwriting methods, his performances, his work with Sting and Shaggy the promotion of his single, “Give It A Try” as well as how Kam is personally, moved by the music.

You can listen and watch the full interview here!


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