This year I set a goal of getting closer with God, I stopped at no lengths to feel Him, know Him, understand (if even possible) His move on this thing called earth. One word to describe my spiritual growth this year: Wheeew!  Literally. I went from being a thirsty hungry Christian to becoming a super Natural believer. From being blinded by old dated doctrine to seeing in the spirit, hearing the voice of God, breaking all barriers of legalism (Dereck Prince- Game Changer), understanding the weeping love that brings about a lifestyle of holiness, and believe it or not somehow, I am even hungrier and thirstier than before!

Side note: Isn’t funny how in nature, once you eat you’re full, yet in the realm of the Super Natural the more you eat the hungrier you become? 

This year while seeking His face he downloaded some amazing things that have brought about many bountiful harvest, grace, and unexplained favor! (Like attending Essence Festival because God told you “Big Checks”, and walking off stage with  $25,000 for talking to a stadium full of people about God and Church, or being flown out to Ghana and returning the wife of a true fire breathing prayer Apostle (still processing it)! My 2019 theme has truly become:Grace: The Unexplained year of FAVOR!  Yet, I couldn’t end the year without highlighting Sheen’s top five women in Marketplace Ministry whom, I follow and learn so much from while seeking Him daily.

Out of the BLUE, I ran across a video clipping that literally had my spirit leap! “Technologies of the Spirit,” from there I was hooked! As a forerunner in the tech and ministry marketplace its so rare to hear anyone breakdown the science of a download! Listen, if you are needing to reignite your fire do yourself a bonafide favor and follow Sophia Ruffin, the anointing on her life will literally break every thought and agreement with every demon of unbelief and send you into a realm of BELIVING the supernatural power of God! Don’t go into 2020 without getting to know Sophia Ruffin:

In Isiah, the word tells us that we have a duty to heal ourselves and then heal what’s around us (Community, family, strangers friends, NATIONS). I never knew how much bondage I truly was in until singing up for Dr. Faith Wokoma mentoring course (Heeeey D2 fam). As an entrepreneur of 11 years, this year was the year I decided to actually do the work! The work included deliverance, being set free from orphan spirit, soul ties,  my stinking thinking, and a whole lot more! Women in the ministry marketplace I urge you to get connected and understand the totality of your assignment, and how being healed and delivered will ultimately lead to you, being his vessel to heal nations! (True story!)  Connect:

Have you ever needed someone to hold your hand and affirm your gifts are in fact gifts? Navigating in the spirit while building in the natural can be a terrifying thing, yet having someone to mother you in the process makes all the difference! April Moore’s latest book “Gifts and Callings” is a must-have for every believer desiring to use their gifts for the Kingdom! Grab yours now: :

Genisis Dorsey! A firestarter who aims to help other kingdom builders package their God-given genius so that they can profit in purpose! What I love about Genisis is that she creates in an instant. True to her name, creation flows from her presence. Lacking motivation or creativity connect with Genisis:

Tiphani Montgomery – Mottthhaaaa stays giving them the undiluted GOSPEL! If you have not followed or connected with the CEO of Millions Conference! Do so now, caution: It’s raw biblical and sound. None of that fluffy stuff. Connect with Tiphani Montgomery:

Bonus: Kenya Gary: Have you ever met someone who has walks in the Authority and  The Power of Resurrect, quicken & awaken those that sleep with gifts & talents laying dormant. Kenya Gary literally moves insight, prophecy, healing & resurrection power! Connect with her n-o-w!

Ok firestarters, I’m curious to know who some of your favs are in Ministry and Marketplace! Follow me on Facebook or IG, lets chat!