On the topic of getting started, start here!

Tip 1: Everyone’s heard the mantra “Think of it as a lifestyle, not a diet.” Subliminally, the fact that “diet” contains the word “die,”, isn’t a good way to send comforting signals to our subconscious. Just remember, you’re eating “clean” to live, not dying because you eat healthy.

Tip 2: Start your lifestyle change on Thursday instead of Monday. Not only is this day when the week has slowed, but this gives you two work & weekend days to get used to your new habits. So by the following Monday, even with everything that’s sure to be thrown at you, your new habits have had time to settle into routine.

Tip 3: When in doubt, put the fire out! Should you find yourself doubtful of what foods to choose, remember, if you can eat it raw, go for it! Things like broccoli, green beans, fish, and shrimp all fit the bill.

Following these rules should fill up your plate before any unhealthy choices are made, and keep you on track in your new healthier way of living.

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Kristen Mason

Certified Fitness Nutrition Consultant

The Views and opinions expressed in this article are not to replace medical advice or the advice of a licensed Dietician.