The Wiz was an exceptional play and later movie that was inspirational and fun. That is why we are beyond excited for the modern adaptation that will be live on NBC tonight 8/7c.

THE WIZ LIVE! -- Season: 2015 -- Pictured: (l-r) Common as The Bouncer, Mary J. Blige as Evillene, Queen Latifah as The Wiz, Amber Riley as Addapearle, Uzo Aduba as Glinda, Stephanie Mills as Auntie Em, Toto, Ne-Yo as Tin-Man, Shanice Williams as Dorothy, Elijah Kelley as Scarecrow, David Alan Grier as The Cowardly Lion -- (Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)

(Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)

The Electrifying Revamp

With the modernized costumes already revealed, we can’t wait to hear the updated versions of those beloved songs and new exciting ones.

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Star-studded cast

The cast includes Ne-yo as the Tin Man, David Alan Grier as the Cowardly Lion, Elijah Kelly as the Scarecrow, Mary J. Blige as the Wicked Witch of the West, Uzo Aduba as Glinda the Good Witch, Amber Riley as the Good Witch of the North, Common as the Gatekeeper, Queen Latifah as The Wiz and the original Dorothy, Stephanie Mills will play Aunt Em.

THE WIZ LIVE! -- Season: 2015 -- Pictured: Shanice Williams as Dorothy -- (Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)

(Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)

Shanice Williams

We are anticipating the performance of newcomer Shanice as she takes on the lead role as Dorothy. After learning her story on The Making of The Wiz Live, we immediately fell in love with her spirit and infectious personality and we are certain that her debut will no doubt lead her to stardom.