Recently I watched a friend endure what many of us all will inevitably have to face, and that’s coming to terms with the fact that a relationship has run its course. Of course every romantic relationships comes with its fair share of challenges and no one is perfect, but sometimes a potential mate just may not be a good match. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but a necessary one to be able to move on with your life and follow your bliss.

If you’re indecisive on whether or not it’s time to move on, here are 3 tips to guide you.

You’re gut instinct is roaring
In past relationships that failed, when I later analyzed what went wrong, I usually can pinpoint a time where following my womanly intuition could’ve save so much time and energy. It’s rare that your instincts aren’t already aware of what you’re trying to avoid. If we spent more time listening to ourselves, we could alleviate more than half of our problems, and relationships are no exception.

If you find your gut is urging you to find the closest exit, maybe it’s time you follow it.

You are constantly remembering better times
Towards the end of my most recent break up, I spent too many days ignoring the Tsunami of underlying issues that I had with my partner because I was spending too much time reminiscing about those earlier days when things were good.

That’s no way to live and if you find yourself only dealing with the past to ignore the present, it’s a sure sign that your relationship no longer serves a purpose in your life.

Everyone around sees it, but you
I have to give me friends and family credit. They watched helplessly as I tried to save a sinking ship of a relationship and, though, they expressed their grievances, still supported me no matter what.

Sometimes it’s easier for our loved ones to see what we’re blind too simply because we’re too close to the situation and aren’t ready to come to grips with reality. That’s OK because we’ve all been there, but when the majority of your family and friends can see that your mate isn’t for you then it’s time to leave.