Though life is magical we can all agree that everyday has its set of struggles. Whether large or minor, there seems to always be a trial for us to overcome. These battles can be stressful thoughts, financial worries, dissatisfaction with our physical selves and much more. However, three simple tips possess the ability to assist in improving your internal joy no matter what is going on, which will lead you to have better and more fulfilling days!

Declare Joy When You Wake Up

Every morning as you roll out of bed tell yourself that you are going to have a fantastic day filled with so much happiness. When you declare this truth to yourself, you are starting the day off by focusing your energy towards all of the good that will soon manifest itself. Instead of waking up and worrying about all of the struggles you must sort out, you are releasing your worries and welcoming positive solutions. By affirming your bliss as the day begins, you are also refreshing your mind to over look the typical frustrating encounters and instead, pay extra close attention to all of the beauty taking place around you. 

Stimulate Your Mind

Reading is the number one way to activate your mind. It is extremely beneficial to read an article that will provide educational value and teach you something you never knew before. Or possibly read a few pages or a short snippet of a book that will challenge you to think outside of the box on a topic that fascinates you. As long as you are reading something that will wake your brain up and provide an escape from your stressful thoughts, you are on the right track. Just like the rest of your body, your brain is a muscle that must be exercised often so that it may continue to function properly and effectively.

Do A Selfless Act

It is a wonderful feeling to receive gifts, however, did you know that it feels even better to give them. Step three is not limited to giving in the form of physical presents. You can give encouragement, love, appreciation and even hand written notes filled with thankfulness. Telling someone you love or even a stranger on the street that they are amazing and appreciated can go a long way. Imagine the excitement you would experience if someone told you genuine compliments that highlighted your authentic character. Words are powerful weapons that should be given as gifts of encouragement. The more often you give the happier you will feel inside.

As you move through your day keep these three simple tips in your mind. They are easy, quick and powerful. If you choose to take action utilizing these tips, your days will be filled with more joy, your mind will be sharper and your positivity will be contagious to everyone around you!

Featured Image: Shutterstock