Step 1: Know What You Want

When dating it is extremely important to know what you want. Now, you’re most likely not going to come across a person that possess every single trait you desire. However, the closer to the target the better. If you know exactly what you want and are aware of those certain traits that you’re willing to compromise, then when you begin to get to know someone, you’ll be able to tell almost right away whether they are a good fit or not. Know what you want so you don’t waste your time trying to change someone into that person when they weren’t even a good match from the beginning.

Step 2: Be Who You Want to Date

To say that you want a whole list of qualities in your partner but not possess them for yourself is completely backwards. If we want someone put together then we must be put together as well. You are who you attract. Therefore, the character, respect and love you expect out of your partner must be equal to what you’re putting out. When both people in the relationship are equally yoked to one another, there is a more definite and effective standard of treatment met by you both.

Step 3: Be Intentional

This last step goes hand in hand with Step 1. If you’re not intentional or do not know what you want in a person when you’re dating, then you are simply allowing anyone to walk in and out of your life. Many heartaches and headaches can be avoided when we are intentional leading up to a relationship. To be intentional when dating means to have a purpose behind every action and every word that you speak. This allows us to have better insight over the developing relationship and prevents us from being blinded by pure infatuation and physical attraction.

Often times the signs indicating whether the person you’re dating is a good investment or not happens very early on. The reason so many people miss those signs is because they have not placed a purpose to the relationship. When “going with the flow” while dating, you are liable to get caught up, confused, and lost in love. These three steps are incredible ways in which we can all receive more effective results in dating that lead to beautiful, positive and healthy relationships.

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