Who are we kidding? Dating is hard, actually it’s really hard. And finding love as a single black mother in a millennial generation where everyone’s ‘fall back’ game is strong, can make things even more challenging.

As a single black mother apart of the millennial generation, I’ve admittedly entered the realm of dating with acute caution, in an attempt to avoid the pitfalls of wasted time and energy.

But I’m still hopeful, and here are some tips I’ve noticed make the journey of finding ‘Mr. Right’ easier.

Always Be Forthcoming about Having a child/children

When it comes to dating, it’s imperative to be open and honest, especially if you’re a mother. It allows your potential partner the opportunity to decide whether or not he wants to be involved with a woman who has a child.

Be Open-Minded and Expand Your Dating Horizon

Dating is time consuming and if you’re a single mother juggling a career, a household, your child/children’s needs and much more, then perhaps expanding your dating online can be a viable option. With dating mobile sites such as Tinder and BAE, now dating can occur at your convenience, right at your fingertips.

You may have to cancel plans, that’s OK

The ugly truth is that there will be times when you’ve found a babysitter, pulled out that sexy black dress and are prepared for a night of romance, and will inevitably have to cancel those plans because your child needs you. Yes, it’s tough, but don’t beat yourself up. Have faith that your date will understand and simply reschedule.

Courting isn’t optional

Yes, you’re a mother, but you’re also a woman who deserves to be wined and dined. Although, it seems, this generation has lost the art of courting, and would rather opt to simply ‘Netflix and Chill’, understand you’re worth more than that, and demand nothing less but the utmost respect.

Have Fun

It’s easy to give into fear and remove yourself completely from the dating scene, but that’s no way to live. Dating and meeting new people may come with challenges, but also provides opportunities to learn more about yourself, spend time with great people and simply enjoying someone else’s company.