Let all the faithful Power fans gather around and rejoice because we will be getting the chance to enjoy more of the popular series!

Earlier this year, Starz and 50 Cent were slowly moving into odd standings, however, they have finally reached a deal with the network in order to keep Power on air and to develop a few other projects.

The new deal with Starz extends their business relationship to September 2019.

Over the course of his career, 50 Cent has gone from being one of the hardest producing rappers of the early-to-mid-2000’s to an entertainment mogul. It is clear the rapper has had his plate full with several ongoing film and television projects. 50 Cent helped bring Power to the small screen and also played a helping hand in making the show cable’s second-most successful franchise.

He has proven to be a powerhouse over the past few months, even after finalizing a deal with BET earlier this year for, “50 Central.” 50 central is a late night TV project he’s been working on BET with. The network will reportedly boast an edgier, different brand of comedy, along with the guest interviews, performances and celebrity-fueled bits that the format is known for.

More power to 50 Cent for continuing to deliver new ideas and showcase ongoing love for the fans!

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