Before the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2016, I’m pretty sure we all would have populated our painstakingly put together list of things we want to do or have, to live a more productive life in the New Year. Much like the annual physical or car insurance renewal, each year we task ourselves with identifying the things we want to add to our daily schedules to either correct last year’s wrongs, fulfill unmet promises and simply do and be better. But some resolutions that make the list might be worth getting a jump on! Here are six of them.

  1. Eat healthier – Oh, cliché…but so necessary! Eating healthier must rank among the top New Year’s resolutions each year and for obvious reasons. But such a lifestyle change is so important and crucial, especially these days, that it can’t wait for the new designer calendar sitting on your desk to take effect. Get a jumpstart on eating healthy and feeling better, so when the New Year does roll, in you’re more focused on building a new wardrobe!


  1. Exercise/lose weight – Coming in at a close second is this popular New Year’s resolution. It really goes hand in hand with eating healthier and is something else that you can get a head start on. Whether you’re going in on a sweaty gym routine, running several times a week, taking a Zumba class or making a commitment to walk around your neighborhood, it’s never to soon to live a more active lifestyle. Go into 2016 already feeling refreshed and renewed.


  1. Travel – Trust me, I’ll use any excuse to travel, anytime of the year, to anywhere in the world. It seems like more and more people are adding more stamps to their passports and going international! There’s absolutely no need to wait on a New Year to roll in to see the world. Yes, travel could a put a dent in any credit card statement and requires some degree of planning, but ringing in the New Year in London, or Australia or even Barcelona at an amazing New Year’s Eve party is so worth it!


  1. Volunteer – Lend a helping hand, especially at this time of year. While many families will be sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with their families, still trying to figure out their crazy uncle’s antics, many people won’t have that. Many people promise to get their Mother Teresa on and vow to be more of a humanitarian and volunteer in their community, but there’s never a time limit on being charitable. Again, no need to wait for the New Year to do so. Find a local soup kitchen or charity and pitch in now!


  1. Save money – Please get a jumpstart on getting those coins up! It’s said that January is the month when most pockets are dry after heavy Christmas shopping and crazy New Year’s partying. Please don’t let this be you. Take your mother’s advice to “save for a rainy day.” The New Year often brings about a sense of newness, fresh starts and clearly makes everyone hitch a plan be a millionaire. By March, though, that plan is out of the window! But anyone serious about getting their dollars up would start now!


  1. Quit smoking – Tired of your smoker’s cough and think it’s time to give up the stick? Then get to it! I’m no smoker but I’ve heard, like any habit, this is super difficult to go cold turkey on. If you can’t give up the ghost all in one go, taking small steps might be the way. Who knows, you just might be smoke free by New Year’s.


While a new year ushers in some feelings of a fresh start and starting anew, some things just need to be done now! Besides, getting a jump on important lifestyle changes could give you a better outlook on the year to come. Excited for 2016? What are your New Year’s resolutions?