Fulfilling your calling in life can sometimes be wrapped up in another journey you are intending to take. This reigns true for esthetician Sonji Cephas. Revitalizing skin daily for clients is her finest quality. Giving us the ends and outs of the true essence of herself and tips to maintaining fresh skin, let’s dive into the Sonji’s secrets!

Beginning your journey in the legal field, what first drew you in?

I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to change the world and stop injustice against the people in the community I lived in by, becoming a criminal attorney. 

As an expert, what is one self care tip people should take in regards to their skin?

Wearing sunscreen and moisturizer is a key self care tip for the skin. No matter your skin tone, type or condition it is imperative to keep your skin hydrated and wear sunscreen in the day time even if the sun isn’t shinning. 

What are the physical and mental benefits of visiting an esthetician?

Visiting an esthetician can be physically beneficial, because customized skin care treatments will help slow down pre-mature aging, even tone, increase muscle tone, and collagen elastin, and over all improve the health of your skin. Visiting an esthetician for a pressure point massage can help reduce stress levels; lying down in a comfortable bed being pampered, with calming sounds playing in the background, the soothing aroma of botanicals and essential oils in the air  will improve negative moods and relieve headaches contributing to good mental health. Seeing an improvement in your skin overall will boost your confidence.

In your personal life, how do you incorporate tactics to keep your skin fresh and healthy?

In my personal life I’m very busy managing my businesses and serving my clients I hardly have time to myself. I need to schedule time to see an esthetician also. Every esthetician needs an esthetician. But everyday, to keep my skin fresh and healthy, I make sure to drink my recommended amount of water (which can be calculated by dividing your body weight by 8 and dividing that dividend by 2 ex. 150/8= 18.75; 18.75/2=9.37 8oz glasses of water), I don’t go to bed with make-up, I don’t touch my face with dirty hands, I clean my cell phone regularly, I use a serum and moisturizer formulated for my skin type to keep my skin hydrated and use a professional grade exfoliant at least once per month. 

What is the highlight of your career?

The highlight of my career was opening my first beauty studio, Sonji Skin Co

What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I love going to church on a Friday night. 

Do you think  you are becoming the role model you needed when you were growing up?

I think I’m becoming the role model millennials need today. 

What’s next for you?

Next,  I intend to build a shelter for women and girls affected by violence, illness and trauma that will have a built in salon, temporary housing unit, and classrooms for workshops and lectures. 

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