Hustle in Brooklyn has become a groundbreaking show that displays a necessary narrative of young adults in their grind season. Azia Toussaint holds an abundance of titles from recording artist, model, creative director, and so much more! Growing up with a producer father, surrounded by music, Azia learned from an early age how to infuse creativity in all aspects of her life. Now coming into her own, Azia is paving the way for others in the fields of creativity!

How did your dad being a producer impact your career?

It’s so crazy, because when I was a kid, he didn’t want me to do anything with music. He wanted me to go to school, graduate, and basically have a much “safer” life.

I don’t think that any parent thinks that leading by example is better than giving you rules, but I guess his examples were stronger than his rules (Laughs), because I ended up in the same field doing the same thing. He has helped me with everything, to the point where he tries to kind of over power what I am doing. He’s like ‘if you want to do this, you have to be perfect.’

His taste of perfection is beyond my understanding. For me, it’s just fun and allows me to be creative, it actually turned into a business.

How do you make sure you give your attention to each one of your crafts?

I pretty much have ADD. If I’m doing one thing for too long I feel like I’m doing nothing at all, no matter how simple that one thing is. It’s like eating food. No one wants to just eat chicken. You need chicken, rice, beans, salad and you may need water or you might need some extra sauce. I just look at life like that, and I like a lot of flavors. (Laughs)

In what ways has Hustle in Brooklyn given you the power to network in terms of your career?

It’s given me so much power and access to be able to be taken seriously with the things that I do. It kind of gave me a stamp of approval for the people who needed it. A lot of people I work with don’t need a stamp of approval. They meet me, and they believe in my talent and my creativity, but some people are old fashion, and they prefer to see someone else believing in you or willing to gamble or take a risk with you.

So it’s been my liaison, allowing me to play in a different arena with more creative, like – minded people like myself and be respected by being looked upon as an equal.

Is there a beauty product you have to use everyday?

I absolutely love Kevyn Aucoin. They have the best concealers and foundations, because it’s so thick but you can make it very sheer, so I appreciate it.

What can we expect next from you?

I’m working on a few projects. I’m expanding into the beauty market so you’ll see me in those places, as well as acting. I’m working on a cosmetic situation, where I’ll be launching a cosmetic line at the top of the year. Not to toot my own horn, but I have really good skin, that’s why I want to come out with a skincare line with lip gloss and highlighter, which I love. I’ve been able to maintain good skin for a good amount of time without using tons of products. I think it’s something girls could really look towards me for advice or to follow to have the same results.

I’m also working on a hair line as well as some philanthropy things. I like kids a lot, so I have a lot of projects where I want to reach out to children and go to schools to encourage kids to think more and be themselves unapologetically and use their truth to make a living. Most importantly, I have a new [musical] project coming out, and it’s really, really good. I’m just adding more flavors and more sauce! (Laughs)

Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET

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