Around the holidays there is always tons of crazy chatter about singles from their family, friends and even co -workers! Pressuring and sometimes even insulting conversation leaving singles even more annoyed or down about their relationship status, and IT’S GOT TO STOP! For some, being single is a choice, for others, not so much, so be mindful of what you say to them during this holiday season and beyond! Here are 7 things you must stop saying to singles during the holidays:

  1. “I can’t imagine being single during the holidays!” We’ll, why not? Remember that one time when you were single singing the holiday blues?? Know that some people actually don’t mind not dealing with the pressures of “whose family’s house to visit this year” and “what gift should I get my boyfriend?”
  1. “Are you going to get married before I die?” Usually said by that overbearing family member who insists on your love life being their main priority. For most, of course they want to get married, but God didn’t gift them (or you) the ability to know who, when, where and how! So, relax, watch and see what happens!
  1. “I’m single too” Oh, well good for you! But don’t assume that you being single makes them feel any better about being a party of 1! Also, just because you’re single and they’re single…well, you get the point.
  1. “Are you sure you’re not dating anyone?” Unless the person in hiding is extremely crazy (which you probably shouldn’t be with them anyway!), I’m sure they haven’t been covering them up for the past year only to get this same response from you…then all of a sudden remember “Oh, I do have a boyfriend…well look a here!”
  1. “I never really liked that person you use to date anyway” Even though I’m sure they appreciate your concern, you never know how someone feels about the ex! They could very well still have feelings for this person with hopes of them getting back together in the future! So about that comment, thanks, but no thanks!
  1. “You know, I think I’ll enjoy Christmas more when there are grandkids around” Pump the breaks, mom! I think they’ll enjoy Christmas a lot more when they actually have a man/woman who they can marry and have children with, so that you don’t have to have this pressuring conversation with them again. Trust me, I’m sure they’re trying…
  1. “You never know, you could be married by this time next year!” Wait, aren’t you the same person who said this same phrase to them last year? And not to be negative, but, they could be married next year, but maybe not! You don’t know their desires, efforts or abilities to cultivate a relationship. So don’t make it your job to try and predict the future and possibly give false hope! And quite frankly, it’s just annoying to hear…

 As Always,