89-year old, Ella Washington has just become a member of the graduating class of 2018 and guess what? She’s just getting started.

Washington graduated this past weekend, earning an Associate Degree in interdisciplinary studies and is planning on earning her Bachelor’s in history at Liberty University in Virginia!

Washington stated,

“Education will help you make the best life for yourselves and those who come after you.”

Ella’s daughter, Ellen Mitchell shared,

“Her desire for learning and for pursuing an education became a family tradition. She taught all of her children how to read, write, and do math prior to their beginning school, just as her grandmother taught her and her siblings.”

CBS News reports that the North Carolina native dropped out of school in sixth grade to help with her family’s farm. She later moved to Washington D.C. once she was married and had a variety of jobs such as a custodian, an office assistant, and a certified nursing assistant in order to provide for her 12 children.

At 49-years old Ella enrolled in an adult education program in order to receive her degree back in 1978 and is now pursuing to earn her Bachelors!


Congratulations on graduating Ella Washington!


Featured Image: Liberty University