Building brand authority starts when you align your purpose with your passions and remain fearless about sharing your voice, while also confidently charging what you’re worth. Putting a fee on something that comes naturally to you can be difficult, especially because a lot of people devalue the online branding landscape as a real business model. However, the new GigPreneur economy is happening online, and many are living out their dreams by leveraging Wi-Fi, ideas, and faith. Owning your voice, giving it a chance to be heard in this crowded digital space, is vital.

DigitalPreneur Audria Richmond knows all about this. Richmond relocated to Atlanta because there were more opportunities for younger people to thrive and began focusing her services, books, and membership programs on providing the digital answers mompreneurs were seeking. A lot of former DIYers needed help with increasing their digital footprint and sought out Audria for her big, bold, and beautiful marketing skills.

What’s the most memorable big payday you had online?

In the beginning, the most money I made with one (unknown) client was $25,000.


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Featured Image by Stnaley Parrish Jr. with Pixel Outflow Studios