Ava DuVernay is a filmmaker, marketer, entrepreneur, and writer that has made history as an African-American woman in film. This Long Beach native has broken barriers in her career of directing, and has a goal to increase the appreciation of African-Americans in film. At first, Ava started directing documentaries that followed the hip-hop movement with movies such as This in the Life and My Mic Sounds Nice which appeared on BET.

In 2010, she directed her first narrative feature film I Will Follow, and won the award for Best Screenplay from the African-American Film Critics Association. Ava made history with the film that would follow two years later, titled Middle of Nowhere. Due to her outstanding work with the black independent film, Ava became the first African-American woman to win the Director’s Prize at the Sundance Festival.

In 2014, Ava produced Selma, which follows Martin Luther King Jr.’s life as he lead in the fight for voting rights and she made history as the first African-American female director to win a Golden Globe nomination as Best Director. SHEEN Magazine would like to appreciate Ava DuVernay for making history as an African-American director who nobly illustrates significant stories about our people.