Have you ever imagined what a modern day superwoman looks like? Strong, courageous, and loving all while striving everyday to be the best person possible for themselves and for others around them. Well Brittany Null has mastered this skill set, while maintaining a remarkable composure and exuding nothing but love. Brittany makes us all want to better ourselves and to find the best in everyone. In a recent interview with the superwoman herself, Ms. Null enlightens, inspires and educates, although it was just for a moment, the knowledge she gave will last a lifetime.

Can you tell us about your journey on YouTube?

My channel actually started with my husband at the time, we started a channel together and it was a fun way to document our lives. Fast forward to today, I am no longer with my husband so I took over the channel to rebrand. It’s now a combination of lifestyle, beauty, and mom channel. Right now, I’m kind of in a place of self-discovery and new space of life as a single mom and business woman.

How would you say you are able to live a healthy lifestyle with so much on your plate?

Balance. Multitasking is huge in my life. I try to balance work, kids, and time for myself in a way that allows me to stay sane. I make a lot of to-do lists, so during the day when my kids are in school, I go hard. When they’re home I try to turn it off and spend time with them. I would say doing yoga and Pilates definitely helps me stay mentally sane. Also, my spirituality is huge to me. Those days where I feel out of my element, I like to go to a coffee shop and read my bible.

You make womanhood look so fun. What would you say is your favorite part of being a woman?

I would say the versatility to do anything. For so many years, women have been told what our roles are. We’re in an era now where can do whatever we want. I love the freedom of that. I feel like what truly makes me a woman and beautiful is being 100% who God made me to be. I love not having limits for myself. I can be a mom, an entrepreneur, a friend, a sister, that’s so amazing to me.

What would you say is your favorite part of beauty?

I’m obsessed with skin care, that’s huge for me. You can buy all the makeup in the world but if your skin isn’t working for you then makeup won’t do much. I love the aspect of beauty and skincare. Working from the inside out is my favorite part of beauty.

How do you stay true to yourself while being on such large platforms?

I would say ultimately focusing on what I know to be true. God is huge in my life, when I feel like I am unsure, I usually spend time in prayer or read my bible and that always awakens to me who I really am. I feel like there are so many opinions on the internet, it’s easy to listen to those voices. I do my best to tune those voices out, do what makes me happy, and stay true to who I am.

For you, what is the most rewarding part of being a mother?

The most rewarding part of being a mother is being able to impact my kids’ life. I just had a birthday party for my son, who just turned four. He wanted a pirate party after I had a different direction I wanted to take it. So last minute, I was stressing and worried about the cake not turning out right and other things. At the end of the day, I asked him if he enjoyed his birthday party and he said, “Mom, you are the best mom in the whole world, I had the best party.” It just affirmed everything in my motherhood. As moms we worry so much but loving them is really what matters to them the most.

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(Co-written by Kristyn Harris)

Featured Image provided by Brittany Null