She is no stranger to the music world when it comes to getting her hands dirty. Deetranada is from Baltimore and is already changing the game with her live activism through her music. Her face might look familiar because she has been on Jermaine Dupri’s show, season three of The Rap Game. The passion to start rapping was due to the fact that she was bullied a lot at a young age. That motivated her, even more, when she was also was introduced to the poetry game where she was able to use her words to talk about hardships and things she went through.

Deetranada has big dreams and big goals and being in the music industry was one of them. The opportunity of being on the Rap Game went smoothly being that she was already claiming that in the atmosphere before it actually happened. Doing freestyles every Friday on Instagram, tagging became her best friend; tagging Jermaine Dupri and the Rap Game in her posts. When JD started following her and the producer from the show reaching out to Deetranada asking her to be apart of the show paved other opportunities for the world knowing what she was really all about. The only difference between her and the other kids on the show was that they had more experience with being in the studio and performing on the stage with celebrities, but that didn’t stop Deetranada from doing what she loves the most. She had the confidence to make things happen and through her music, she was doing actually what she was called to do and that was to make a difference through her rap.

The one thing that sets her apart from other rappers is the fact in her music she doesn’t cuss, but the biggest thing is talking about the things that are happening in the world right now. She is a young activist living her dream and wanting to make a difference in her community and to the world.

“It’s kids dying, black-on-black crimes. Most kid and adult rappers won’t speak on that,” says Deetranada.

Five years from now, Deetranada sees herself as being a millionaire and winning awards for the best female rapper for making a difference. The latest project that she is working on is called “Dee vs. Everybody” which is set to be released this year. Other projects she released was, “A Bunch of Nada” that was released this past February and “Adolescence Swim” last June.

You can find all of her music on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

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