What happens when you are sent to prison for five years, subjected to confinement alongside those who could not submit to the law? Ramon Sloan, known as a ruthless street legend from the streets of Milwaukee, served a five year prison sentence for felony drug charges. Since the time of his incarceration, Sloan refines his life with “the power of a pen” as he transitioned into an independent book author with four published novels.

We recently sat down with Sloan to talk about his journey, and remarkable story of promise! Learn more about the author below.

Bring us back to your early days in Milwaukee, what was life like at that time?
Growing up in Milwaukee, I learned how to manipulate certain elements of the streets at a young age; that was the only life I knew; but even as a youngster I knew that I wanted more and I understood that it wasn’t my true purpose. I knew that there was something else that life had to offer me outside of the streets. 

What was life like in jail for you when you were serving your 5 year sentence?
I’ve always been a private person, so prison was a lonely place for me. I didn’t socialize with many people there. Which wasn’t an issue, I choose to spend my time doing a lot of self-reflecting, planning, and reading. When most guys were out of their rooms playing board games, reminiscing, or telling lies about how they were the biggest ballers around – I was usually in my room reading, writing or talking to some of the old heads trying to gain some wisdom. 

Was it hard to assimilate back into the real world, after being released?
Overall, not really, I’d say the most challenging part was resisting and breaking those old habits. You live your life a certain way for so long and it’s gonna take some time to get all that out of your system. But I knew what my “WHY” was and I had a well thought out plan in place so that made it easier for me to stay the course. 

What inspired you to write your first book, Circumstance?
My inspiration to write my first book, Motivation – Mastering the Game came from my first priority in life, my kids. All of the things that I spent my life chasing (money, cars, and power) meant nothing to me in prison. Once I recognized, this I knew that I had to re-prioritize everything in my life and that I needed to revise my approach towards my pursuits. So I began to write, not having any prior training in the field, just writing some of the situations that I’d seen in my previous life. As, I began to write I started to visualize Motivation being a movie and that made it easier for my creativity to flow. 

What is your intent or purpose of releasing literary work?
When I released my first novel, I was just excited to finally see Motivation 1 become something physical and tangible for others to read. With Motivation 2, my intent was to package and polish up work better for my supporters. By the time I’d released Motivation 3 my knowledge in the business of self- publishing had increased tremendously and I understood that I needed to get some form of distribution if I wanted to reach a larger audience and so that was the goal. With Black Dibiase, the idea was to rolling out strong marketing. So you see with every project as I learn more my intent changes but my purpose will always remain the same and that is to become a better writer who creates fire page turners. 

How was the experience transitioning from writer to producer?
The transition was a long tedious process, however well worth the fight. I had to learn the business of filmmaking. And when you have to act as the writer, producer, financier, etc. it can be a tiring process, but I knew what I was signing up for when I started so I was ready for the challenge. 

You’re planning a national campaign, tell us a little about that.
Right now we’re in the middle of promoting my new film, Circumstances,which is based on my first novel. We have a docuseries that my company Swift Motion Picture is currently producing entitled The Product, my novel Black Dibiase is being developed into 2 season television series. I have a few other irons in the fires that I must keep to myself right now. 

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