Torrei Hart is letting everyone know she’s never left the game and for that, she’s better than ever. The comedian and actress is making moves like never before and gave Sheen the inside scoop! ,We got to know this all-around woman and we cannot wait to see all the success she will endure. In this exclusive interview, Torrei Hart discuses finding herself after her divorce, teaming up with Leola Anifowoshe to produce Heavenly Hart hair care products and what all you can expect from her this year!

Do you mind sharing how you got into comedy?

Honestly, it’s been something I’ve been doing my whole life. I actually got named Class Clown in high school. I was always the jokester, pulling the pranks in school. That became my life and that’s what led me and Kevin to meeting each other. From there, I watched him evolve. I was there and grew a love for stand up comedy. I actually started a sketch my friend, Simone Shepherd called PrettyFunnyFish. I was doing sketch for about five years and that went well. I ended up getting a deal with Russell Simmons’ company, All Def Digital before sketch became a thing. I’ve always loved it. As of recently, I got back into stand up. Now, it’s become the top of everything that I’m doing. It’s my passion so I’m excited about it, it’s been in me since I was a kid. I’ve always had a love for it.

How does it feel launching back into comedy and acting? Can you give us any insight on upcoming projects you may have?

It’s amazing, I mean I never really left. I took time off stage because I had to get myself back into a happy place. I was going through my divorce and I wasn’t in a happy place. I had to step back and find Torrei again. I did a lot of soul searing, a lot of work on myself, and fighting for my happiness. That was my main goal at the time. During those times, I always made sure I was writing. I still did my avenues of comedy. I did a few films, one film called, American Bad Boy with Katt Williams. I also did a lot of my sketches. I still worked. There’s two projects I have out right now. Believe it or not, they’re not comedies because I also do dramas too. One is called Resolution Song which also includes Lester Speight, Ella Joyce, Kennedy Slocum and it is a faith-based film, released through Will Smith’s company, Smith Global Media. That is something that is dear to my heart because it was pretty much art imitating life. I had to use every emotion possible for that role. There is another out right now called, But Deliver Us From Evil. That is also a drama piece.

How did the idea come about for the YouTube channel, PrettyFunnyFish?

It’s so funny. Simone and I were just shooting sketches. The first sketch we shot was a Basketball Wives parody. It went viral. It just so happened that we were in my kitchen and we were laughing while watching it. We just knew we had to imitate it. We brought together a group of comedian women out here in Los Angeles and we made magic. From there, I knew we had to do it again. We came up with the concept, PrettyFunnyFish because we’re both pretty, we’re both funny, and we’re both Pisces, that’s were the fish comes into play.

Do you mind telling us about Heavenly Hart?

Heavenly Hart is actually a self-love gift to my daughter. It’s my hair care line which is a natural hair care line but good for all hair types. All the ingredients are natural. It’s basically geared toward self-love. Be who you are. The brand is built off scalp rejuvenation as well. A lot of people put product in their hair but don’t take care of their actual scalp. My partner Leola Anifowoshe is actually a trichologist and she has been specializing in scalp rejuvenation for 20 plus years. That is another reason why I wanted to partner with her because she is all about healthy hair and getting the scalp oxygenized. Everything starts from the root. I was actually in yoga when the idea came about for Heavenly Hart. When that came to me, while I was meditating. So I partnered with Leola and that is how Heavenly Hart came about!

How would you describe the essence of Black Beauty?

Wow! I would just have to say it’s beautiful. Period. There are so many different ways. It’s timeless. Can you really describe the essence of black beauty? I’m getting chills just thinking about it. It’s so much and it’s simply beauty.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide, do you mind sharing your beauty must have?

I have to have my Bobbi Brown bronzer which is my favorite go-to even if I don’t have on any makeup. Also, believe it or not, I just use black soap on my face when washing it. My dermatologist, Dr. Susan Evans out of Beverly Hills has a conditioning pad that I use. Those are my three essential things I have to use.

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