Tamala Jones is best known for her role on ABC’s hit crime drama series, Castle but that doesn’t conclude her list of exciting projects within the past year. She portrayed Taraji P. Henson’s best friend in What Men Want and her latest project titled, Deadly Dispatch will soon hit television screens later this summer. We sat down for an exclusive interview with Jones to discuss her role in the new TV One film and what you can expect to see from her in the future!

Tell us about your role in the upcoming role in TV One’s true crime film, Deadly Dispatch.

So I play a character named Tiffany and she is a local salon owner and the best friend of Shawn. He is someone they grew up with and they have some real secretive history but she loves Shawn regardless and she is pretty sassy as well!

What can viewers expect to see in this exciting new project?

It’s definitely a thriller. It’s going to take you through some twist and turns while messing with your mind a little. There is murder, scandal, and its full of everything!

Bone Crusher portrays Shawn and he was amazing! It was very shocking to see that he had the acting abilities that he did. He did a great job; it was so wonderful of him to come in at the last minute to fill what was supposed to be someone else’s role. It happened on the day we were supposed to be shooting that person’s scene and the producer, Keith Neal called up Bone Crusher to come down last minute. He came down that night to shoot and he was amazing! I really wanted people to be excited about seeing him do his thing in this movie!

How do you believe this role has challenged you in ways the other roles you’ve portrayed haven’t?

This role is a little bit different. This role was really about character. Tiffany has a lot of different levels to her. For me, I’m always looking for characters that can show range. I loved the detective work this character does because she is passionate. Her love and compassion for her friends is something admirable.

You have had a heck of a year with this exciting project, Deadly Dispatch and the release of What Men Want earlier this year! What else do you have up your sleeve?

I just completed a Netflix movie for the holidays called, Holiday Rush. It’s going to be a cute, family, holiday movie. I’ve never done one of those either but it was wonderfully written and I portrayed a great character. She was kind of a diva (laughs).

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