The album Scenery begins with a whispered anthem titled, “Remind Me.” Like a tribute to Prince king sings the first few notes in a hushed tone. Harmonies blend gently as she sings of times she’s missed out on love.

“You remind me of something. Something like what I’ve been missing.”

“Teach You” follows with a guitar playing in the background. It gives a beach get away vibe that is very relaxing and soothing. “It’s never too late to learn,” she sings. Her higher vocal range is exercised during this calming tune. The end plays out with King vocalizing with a soulful breakdown. Speeding up the tempo Kings leads us into “Can’t Hold Me.”

“You can’t hold me now, only I can do that!”

She belts for the chorus each time. She paints a picture with words like, “In a t-shirt, in my satin lingerie. A little lower, a little high, change pace.”

An edgier side of this R&B artist is revealed through this song as she sings the words she’s written. “Now I can go there and never have to fake,” soon after the final lyrics “You can’t hold me” are repeated twice as the song concludes.

A series of questions sung proudly regarding a breakup marks the central theme of “Look at Me Now.” She sings of a past lover that has already moved on to another woman. Drums confidently make the tempo known as King explores her lower vocal range. “Everything is better since you walked out on me.” are the lyrics that King belts with a slowed down beat.

A Spanish guitar leads us into “Caliche.” “Just wind and rain,” says King passionately. She describes a woman lost in her own mind amoungst shadows and confusion.

An interlude of soft proportions arrives during “Blue Light.” King talks of taking rest and allowing your mind to relax when things get overwhelming. Gospel melodies dance during “Forgiveness” as it takes you to a place of clarity and peace.

An energetic start is in “Running” as King picks up the pace “Who is that man? I hope I find it someday so I can stop running.” sings King proudly but with a sense of regret. After the calm and tranquil “Interlude (What love is)” follows “Marigolds.” As if to be a tribute to Norah Jones King shows us the sound of soul and country combined. It talks of happy memories that we as people experience in life.

The album concludes with “2nd Guess” which serves as a power ballad that explains love in it’s most pure form. “There’s something ’bout you that’s hard to forget,” sings King. The song ends with a symphony of cymbals “Will I make it? Will I taste victory?” start the last track titled “Go Back.” 

This 80’s sounding ballad the rounds out King’s sound and her overall message that love is fleeting and unpredictable.


Emily King’s Scenery is currently available wherever music is sold.


Featured Image: Emily King | Obtained on Facebook