“I saw things I imagined!” is what you first hear when listening to Solange Knowles’ When I Get Home.

This is the first song on the album that takes us on an artistic journey through Knowles’ mind. The next song is “Down with the Clique” that gives an upbeat vibe that tells a story about friends. “We were, down with ya, down with ya!” is sung proudly as the music in the background plays along.

“Way to the Show” is introduced with Knowles’ higher vocal range. “You can get it uh huh uh huh…..way to the show.” She sings as a guitar plucks along beside her. Lyrics like “Take another night given on the way that you hold” present an artistic side of the 32 year old. “Please, can I hold the mic?” is the question we hear during this interlude titled “Can I Hold the Mic.” “I can’t be a singular expression of myself,” she begins. “There’s too many parts, too many spaces, too many manifestations, too many lines… too many rivers, so many,” says Knowles as she flows into a spoken word portion of the interlude.

“Stay Flo” speaks of what men expect out of a relationship but expressed in a new age kind of way. “Man get down and they putting on a show. Girls getting down everyday.” is sung passionately by Knowles. A organic idea on what men want in a woman is explained here through witty verses and a energetic beat. A musical photograph into her childhood is present in the song “Dreams.”  “I grew up a little girl with dreams, dreams, dreams.” is sung with a light airy almost childlike flair.

While exploring a child imagination you notice the transition into the next song with talks about subjects of adulthood. ” Pour more drink, drink…sip sip,” sing Knowles with an ease that comes from a night of partying in “Almeda.” “Brown liquor, brown sugar….Black bury the masters.” She continues to sing as a house party is painted in your mind.

An exploration of rap and R&B in “My Skin My Logo featuring Gucci Mane.”Moment of you. Get into that moment of you.” is sung in a care free way as Gucci raps, “My skin my logo yeah!” This track presents the idea that black is beautiful and unapologetic. After “We Deal with the Freak’n” (Interlude) is “Jerrod.” “Give you all the depths of my wanting..stays to for the rest of the morning.” is heard while Knowles sings of a man that attracts her attention. An easily played guitar is present and a drum solo follows the three-part vocalizations that transition into “Binz.”

“I just wanna wake up to the suns and Saint Laurent. I just wanna wake up on goodbye, only I. Dollars never show up on CP time.” quickly is said to an almost reggae rasta beat in Binz. The tempo is picked up to a new age feel in “Sound of Rain.” Being the 15th song on the album is carries a feeling of a new found love. “He think I don’t want to tear it up. We came all night long, won’t you let it up?” the lyrics suggest as the beat picks up the pace.

The 16-second interlude titled “Not Screwed!” follows this tune as transforms into the final track called I’m a Witness. “You can work through me. You can say what you need in my mind I’ll be your vessel,” concludes the journey as Knowles uses clashing vocals to describe a new beginning.

When I Get Home is available where ever music is sold.