She’s intelligent, the all around woman, and a true breath of fresh air. Alechia Reese is admired by many and it obvious why. Not only is she an entrepreneur but she is also a certified speaker and author who is adored for her survival through the tough challenges life has thrown her way. We got to know just who Alechia Reese is and we’re certain she’s a woman you want to get to know as well.

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself and how you became an entrepreneur?

Well, I’m Alechia Reese. I went to school in Miami, Florida at Florida International University, GO PANTHERS! I was working under the Washington Post for two of their start up companies they had under their parent company, all while going through a pretty interesting divorce. I had to figure something out and by that I decided to use my Marketing degree to take care my me and my daughter.

Do you mind sharing a little on your book, Eating Elephants?

Absolutely! So, life for me was kind of rough. I grew up impoverished but I was given an opportunity to be educated at a private school. During the day I would be at city council meetings, at theaters, operas and just learning the most fascinating things in life. Then at night, I would come home to a place that was infested with bugs and mice. I was a really bad kid, I fought teachers, I fought boys and girls, I was just a really angry kid because I was so impoverished. I felt as if my poverty made me less than others. Anytime I felt challenged by someone, I would lash out. The only way I was able to go from that to here is by taking things a piece at a time, a bite at a time, and making forward strides. Eating Elephants just shows people how to break down wherever they are, how to identify the success that they want, and how to create the steps and strategy to get there. Everyone tells you, “Be successful,” but nobody tells you how. Eating Elephants is a blue print that shows you how to achieve success on your own terms.

Do you mind sharing a challenge that you have endured on your journey? What do you believe it has taught you?

I believe the greatest challenge for me, honestly, has been getting over myself. What I mean by that is, like I mentioned earlier, I had very low self-esteem, I felt like I wasn’t good enough, I felt like because we were so poor, it was a direct reflection of who I was as a person. Because of all that, I made terrible decisions, whether it came to friendships, relationships, or decisions in general. I had to suffer the consequences and those were pretty difficult ones that I have had to suffer. But, what it taught me in life is once you believe in yourself, literally nothing is impossible.

“Life is the result of your belief.”
– Alechia Reese

You’re obviously a woman of many hats, what motivated you to become a motivational speaker? What is the main goal you hope every listener gains from your speaking?

I feel as though God didn’t have me go through all the hell He had me go through just for me to keep it to myself. I am the embodiment of what the other side looks like. The other side of domestic violence, the other side of poor decision making, the other side of low self-esteem, it’s not easy. Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you that it is. As you grow, it gets harder but you get better, you get more precise. Anytime I speak to a group of people, I want them to leave with the understanding that I am fully capable of having the exact type life that I want to live. You have to attack the affirmation with the action. If your affirmation isn’t attached to the action, you still lose.

What can we expect from Alechia in 2018?

2018 has already proven to be one of my most dynamic years. In 2018, you can expect all types of international speaking engagements, producing and executive producing some television shows and documentaries. I’ll be pushing the book, it will be in schools, colleges this fall and I’ll be speaking everywhere. It’s exciting because I get to live out and do what I never thought imaginable until I decided I was going to go after and believe in myself.


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