Alirra Hair Care is owned by Shanekia Bing, a motivational speaker, author, and hairstylist seeking to empower woman through their roots. She launched Alirra Hair Care, to rebuild and replenish nutrients that are essential for a healthy scalp. Just like her life’s mission of stimulating, rebuilding and replenishing women, she seeks to expand Alirra Hair Care into an empire that stimulates, rebuilds and replenishes the scalp, allowing for a strong and healthy foundation.

Introduce Alirra Hair Care products to our readers:

Alirra Hair Care products focus on healing and penetrating the roots system to build a strong, healthy foundation. Our product stimulates these roots, by creating heat to build moisture, which maximizes hair growth by making roots thicker, healthier and longer. Our products main focus is the health and fullness of hair, so when using different style options, you have a strong foundation. This cuts back on the shedding and breakage of hair during and after the style – maintaining the softness and moisture.

With summer approaching, what hair issues should women expect during this season?

Summer is the perfect time for people to let their hair down, by going to the beach, using the neighborhood swimming pool or visiting theme parks. However, that isn’t a reason to forget about your own hair! What are you doing to maintain your hair? Many people forget that they have to keep their hair moisturized and conditioned, especially during the summer months which bring extreme heat, causing dryness and many other issues. Some of those are sand sores, hair loss, thinning, balding and loss of edges. Also, with Alopecia on the rise summer is a big contributor to many sufferers with hair loss issues.

How do your products help with those particular issues?

Alirra’s Hair Crack is a great foundation product that is to be used before styling the hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair to maintain its balance without leaving it dry. This product can be considered as extra protection, keeping your hair moisturized and manageable while wearing protective styles. After any water activities, especially swimming (chlorine), take Hair Crack and place it all over the braids or plaits, making sure you massage it onto your scalp and the new growth hair. Place a shower cap over the entire head and let it sit for a couple hours and then rinse with cold water. This is important because cold water traps in the moisture and the product while keeping the pores closed.

Next, use Alirra’s Milkshake. This product conditions, while adding moisture, to bring back the natural hair color with a noticeable shine. Once you’ve used both the Hair Crack and Milkshake, oil your scalp and massage. It’s important to be consistent because the more you practice, the more your hair will benefit. If you are an individual that will be using wigs this summer, consider doing the above process and use a glue-less wig that you can take off at night. This will allow you to give your scalp a break and allow it to breathe. Some other products that may be beneficial are Alirra’s SheShe Silk which you can apply to your hair and scalp, to refresh and moisturize your scalp and braids. If you want to maintain sleek edges while wearing different styles, apply Alirra’s Luscious Pudding which can assist in edge growth.

As a beauty industry entrepreneur, are there any tips that you would share with emerging beauty entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, there are many ways to go, but here are a few tips that allowed me to prosper:

Tip 1: Be honest. PERIOD! If you have a client that comes in and says, “I want a sew-in,” but you know that she needs to be educated on the proper techniques about her own hair, don’t skip that part, educate her. Explain the importance and build a trustworthy foundation.

Tip 2: Build your CRAFT. Someone will always be doing something you are doing, BUT they cannot do it the way you can.

Tip 3: Stay FOCUSED and CONSISTENT on what you are doing. It’s about your moment and Gods timing for your life.

Tip 4: Move. Keep moving forward no matter what. Don’t be afraid of change.

Tip 5: Always be YOURSELF!!! And research is key to elevation.

What is next for you and your brand as a beauty professional?

As I continue to grow and nurture my baby (business). I want to take more time to educate myself and others about proper healthy hair care and growth and focus on delivering many sufferers from their hair loss issues.

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