If you treat her right and support her to win, she WILL have that feeling of let me reach back.

If you have yet to catch the Taraji P. Henson (mother of championing women’s empowerment) affect, I highly suggest you pull out your phone, open your Instagram app and follow @womenbychoice—There’s enough inspiration to go around for you, your mother and your girlfriends too!

Andromeda, Author of She Wins and Founder of Women By Choice—an organization that empowers women to not just be confident, accountable and responsible for their success, but compassionate enough to reach back and help others along the way.  She is making her mark all over social media and across the globe. While Andromeda was quick and blazing to share with me life-changing fate of what started as a self-project—and what continues to allow her to reinvent herself, I knew that the end of our interview would leave me fulfilled and ready to take on new challenges.

How did Women By Choice come about?

This question is never what anybody thinks I’m going to say—I wasn’t sitting around saying, “I’m going to start a business or start an organization.” Women By Choice has been purposed driven from the very beginning. I was literally in search of my purpose. I got a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and worked for the State of Florida for a few years. I was unfulfilled in my career, no matter how many promotions I got or how much money I made. After having a conversation with my sister one afternoon, I went through a list of things I was passionate about and I realized that writing has always been a thing I was passionate about. So, I started a blog—where I would share my experiences growing into a woman—I recognized that being a woman was more than turning eighteen. It was about making a choice to make myself responsible for my happiness and accountable for my success. That’s how the name Women By Choice came about.

Why is it important to you for women to stick together?

Girl! Aside from just saying the cliché thing that everybody else says, “Amazing things can happen when women stick together”— I have seen and experienced it. The first time when I really realized that women are so much stronger when we work together was when I was looking for a new role at my job. I had no experience for the role, but my co-worker wanted to see me win, so she pulled some strings.

You know we felt so empowered, (like yass!)

 You have men who have their own ways going about helping their brothers win. Why not be there to support through and through?

 You have this quote on your Instagram, “Just because she won doesn’t mean you lose. Another woman’s victory is not your tragedy.”

When you have the attitude of I don’t want anyone else to level up on me, so I don’t want to help them up, will keep you stagnant. We’re all moving, so you never know where this person will go or whom they might get connected to where they’ll be able to reach back to help you—so, always, provide opportunities for other people, even if at that time it looks like they are above you.  If they get the chance, hopefully they will reach back and help you up— it’ll be a constant cycle of everybody lifting each other up.

What does it mean to you to have black women support each other? 

We’re here to connect with our tribe and provide each other with opportunities. As a race, we lack opportunity— the more of us who do well, the more who can provide opportunities for the rest of us. We have to encourage each other’s talents and strengths—Maybe you’re not good for the job, but you know somebody who does—encourage her to get it and then maybe she’ll find herself in a space where your strengths can now be used.

Who’s your inspiration right now?

Cardi B! (Laughs) She’s winning!

Speaking of winning, you have a new book titled She Wins, what can women expect? 

I want women to be able to be encouraged. I share in my book, turning losses into wins, because, again we live in this world of social media where everybody thinks everybody is always winning. I want people to know that losses are happening, but you win by continuing to walk in your purpose. My success has not been a cakewalk—you see my success, you see my growth, but I had to fight for what I have—it starts with your mind.

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