Angela Tamica Kinnel is a 12+ year veteran educator, ordained minister, bestselling author, and public speaker. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Fort Valley State University and went on to pursue a Master of Science degree in the same area at Tuskegee University. After entering the field of education, Angela obtained a Master of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum & Instruction. She is also a 2017 graduate of World Changers Bible School where she earned an Associate degree in Christian Studies. As a student, Angela co-authored her first book, Identity: Who Do You Think You Are? with fellow classmate, Robert Johnson. The Angela Kinnel Brand defines what it means to understand your identity and live unapologetically for Jesus Christ without limits.

As a minister what key messages do you share through your platform?

Through my platform, I share with others that understanding who you are in Jesus Christ allows you to discover and understand your purpose in life. I also share how we must free ourselves from people and forgive ourselves of past mistakes. As a single woman, I also share how we must love and accept ourselves first before we can expect a significant other to do the same.

How have you integrated your ministry into your efforts as an Author and Educator?

I’ve integrated my ministry into my efforts as an author and educator through my writing. I’ve been fortunate to share some of my testimony and teach the word of God as a co-author along with bestselling, award-winning author Cheryl Polote-Williamson in the anthology, Soul Talk Volume 2. I look forward to writing more and being more verbal as well. There’s a lot that God has given me to say!

What top tips do you have for those that are trying to discover their own purpose?

  1. Pray!
  2. Establish a relationship with the Lord. Get to know Him for yourself and allow Him to reveal the plans that He has set for your life.
  3. Understand that your life is not your own. You were created for a purpose far bigger than yourself.
  4. Change your mindset and don’t allow your emotions to rule over you.
  5. Write down your goals, keep them physically in your view, and believe that you can achieve them.
  6. Set yourself free from the opinions of people. It doesn’t matter what “they,” say. It only matters what God says.
  7. Stay focused and speak positively over yourself.
  8. Stay in your lane. You are not in competition with anyone else. Your purpose and gifts are just that…YOURS!
  9. Don’t rush the process. It will hinder your progress.
  10. Enjoy the journey and keep God first in every move you make. 

What is next for you in 2019? Please also share how readers can reach you online:

In 2019, I will co-author three more anthologies, participate in panels and speaking engagements, and release my first book written entirely by myself!

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