Season six of Project Runway All Stars may have come to an end but that does not mean we’re putting it in the past.

In fact, we’ve never been more obsessed.

This season, the Lifetime show made history as the final five (The Fab Five) were all men of color! We could not be more excited. As we followed along the journey this season, our hearts were captured, with each design, the final contestants absolutely captivated our hearts with their true passion for fashion!

We got to know the infamous Fab Five so you know we had to give you the inside scoop! Follow us along as reintroduce to you, the men who made history, the Five Fab of season six Project Runway All Stars!

Edmond Newton

Do you mind tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you ended up on Project Runway?

Oh wow! Well, how much time do you have? (laughs) To sum it up, I started my journey on attempting to get onto Project Runway at the first casting for the show, before I knew anything about the show. All I knew was that it was an opportunity of a lifetime for emerging fashion designers, you could win $100,000 and all the machinery and equipment you needed, as well as a new car in order to start your fashion company. I applied numerous times, it’s different phases which you aren’t aware of until you actually go through the process. Finally on season 14, I was accepted to become one of the contestants, I went on and at the time, I wanted to come up and show out and I think I did an amazing job. I ranked in the top three, was able to fulfill a dream of mine, and met individuals on the show that was there with me along my journey. More recently, the show reached out to me to be apart of Project Runway All Stars season 6!

What was it like for you to return to Project Runway All Stars?

To me, going on All Stars was like the second phase of Project Runway and it was also an amazing experience. Immediately after I came off of my season of Project Runway, they asked me to be apart of All Stars. Although I didn’t win season 14 of Project Runway, I won in so many ways because even now, I’ve been able to travel internationally and I’m all over different parts of the world. It was amazing to be apart of it and have so much of the viewership be apart of the journey as well. Towards the end of All Stars, we had more support because it came down to the five contestants, you know, men of color which has never taken place before, I think that’s what made people become more interested in that.

Carlos Jones

There are many EdLovers out there, what would you say is one thing most people don’t know about you from watching the show?

Ahh, well there’s a lot of things (laughs) I’m so many different personalities, much of a chameleon. I think from watching the show people think that I’m really quiet, I am reserved but I have fun! I’m so into everything, life is all about experiences. I think there is a lot that I have done that would surprise people. You have to take in mind that I’m a fashion designer, I just don’t play one on television, I’m a designer in the real world. On both shows, it was business for me. More times I’m in the business mindset versus playful but to me, that’s simply business. People that know me, know that I wild out (laughs).

Could you tell us about the collection you created and showcased at New York Fashion Week? How would you describe the overall experience?

Now, you’re taking me back! The collection that I created for New York Fashion Week was actually a collection that had so much energy in it. My mom is the first one to introduce me to the element of the indsutry. I grew up in a salon in a very small town. When I was young, I was watching Fashion File, where there was a guy that walked out and I remember him coming out with Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista on his arm. He was showcasing his collection in Italy of these beautiful gowns. Much later when I discovered what a designer is, who that guy was, and what I wanted to do in life, I actually put it on my bucket list to show at New York Fashion Week and have my family there. Making it to the top three and being able to showcase at New York Fashion Week, I was able to bring my family who got to view the collection I created in my studio. The collection itself, I dedicated to my mom. It was called Anna’s Roses. She instilled so much in us, seeing her grow and be such a strong women and single mother, giving that back to her felt like that gave her her roses while she shared that moment with me. I wanted to showcase the element of who I wanted to project myself in the fashion world. That was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again and even topping that one!

Courtesy of Project Runway Allstars/Lifetime

What can we expect to see from Edmond Newton in the future?

Wow, in the future you can expect to see the continued journey. Project Runway, I feel like introduced me to the world. Now, you will see the journey continue by my rules, my way. I’m working on my book of memoirs, right now the title is tentative of my role to the runway, telling the true story and hardships that went into me getting onto Project Runway. Both fashion and life oriented. I will be creating more collections of course and expanding and growing. I started a production company, called In House Productions, the book will be the first of many projects. We will continue to release different series and projects.

I’m gonna let you all in on something, I have been invited to showcase at Paris Fashion Week. I’m really excited about that! I’ve shown at New York and Internationally, now I really want that experience to show in Paris as well. Just look for everything product wise from Edmond Newton brand. The end of Project Runway and Allstars does not stop what is going on, that was just a platform to shine the light and now it’s time for me to fly.

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