Season six of Project Runway All Stars may have come to an end but that does not mean we’re putting it in the past.

In fact, we’ve never been more obsessed.

This season, the Lifetime show made history as the final five (The Fab Five) were all men of color! We could not be more excited. As we followed along the journey this season, our hearts were captured, with each design, the final contestants absolutely captivated our hearts with their true passion for fashion!

We got to know the infamous Fab Five so you know we had to give you the inside scoop! Follow us along as reintroduce to you, the men who made history, the Five Fab of season six Project Runway All Stars!

Fabio Costa

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you ended up on Project Runway?

My name is Fabio Costa, I was originally on season 10 of Project Runway but I was born in Brazil. I moved to New York in 2006 after graduating profession school here in Brazil. I’ve worked every odd job you can think of and then I started landing some fashion jobs. I interned at Helmut Lang, People’s Revolution, did some costuming jobs, and then in 2012, I sent an audition tape. The person I was dating at the time asked me if there was one thing that I could get done that year, what would it be? And I told him that I wanted a fashion show, that’s when he told me about Project Runway casting. We looked online on a Friday and the deadline was that Monday. I put a video together, sent it in, and I got a call back to go and audition!

What was it like returning for Project Runway Allstars?

Well, this was my second time participating on Allstars. The first time was in 2014 and for that season, I ended up in fifth place. This time around was a little bit different, not only because you really can’t plan ahead or know what to expect because they change the format and the challenges itself. It’s actually best if you don’t plan ahead because then you’re going to have your mind set on a design and try to finesse it for whatever challenge it is for that day. I obviously wondered what the viewers think, the viewership is not always acceptive because there are so many designers that you want to return. But, I got an amazing feedback not only from the viewers, I believe this was my best season.

You’ve showcased your collections at New York Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, and many more! How would you describe the overall experience?

It is interesting because I got to show at major runways like New York and Vancouver, I also showed in Houston, Dallas, but being an independent designer is always a charge of making the collection, running backstage, and doing changes, I was always working. I always like to joke that it’s an endless day because you don’t sleep, eat, drink water, and the runway show goes by in five minutes (laughs).

Do you mind giving us insight on anything you may have learned about yourself thus far?

I think this season was really hard because it started out with 16 designers, I believe that’s the biggest cast I was ever part of. I feel like towards the end, I really got to understand my resilience: physical and mentally how far I can actually go. I’ve always been surprised the actual work and the amount of work I was able to do. At the end of the night when I went to bed, I realized that I may have been up for almost 20 hours, that’s the biggest lesson I learned is that I can handle a lot more than I give myself credit for (laughs).

Is there anything you wish someone would’ve told you before you entered the fashion world?

I don’t know… I wish someone would’ve been more honest about the reality of it all and being independent. For me, personally it’s probably 2% glamour, 80% stress, and 18% work (laughs).

What can we expect to see from Fabio Costa in the future?

I have actually moved back to Brazil and I am in the final moments of my collection that debuts April 18th which is also my birthday! I’m coming back to Brazil but bringing back all the experience. I’m producing and having more quality of life. I decided to leave New York and not leave fashion behind but I’m still going to try to do my best and make this a successful business for myself, no matter where I am.

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