Rotimi wants you to trust your intuition. Trust yourself. Trust that you have answers.

Rotimi is no overnight success. In fact, he’s completely straightforward about his rise to the top – that is, losing his entire team – managers and agents to being the fledging mastermind on Starz hit show, POWER. The man may just be the hardest working in the entertainment showbiz. Perhaps it’s because he’s been unremittingly working towards this moment – his breakthrough for quite some time. He is a true testament that when life knocks you down, you have two choices, get back up or be defeated. The mystery for him was, “Am I defeated?”

When it comes to diligence and gratitude, Rotimi exhibits it to the fullest. There is certainty when he speaks and how he designs the life he wants – actually, the life that he living for the world to see.

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Photography by Blair Devereaux

Styled by Troy Clinton

Style Assistants: Bruce Williams and Amanda Young

Grooming by Cerrone Hemmingway