Like many women today, Chymane Robinson was in search of some quality, affordable hair extensions. Robinson got fed up with the outrageous prices that she continued to be quoted and decided to cut out the middleman and find a vendor of her own. In 2013, Robinson began testing out different hair for shredding, coloring, and overall quality and in 2015 launched Amara Sapphire. A year later, Robinson has become a go-to for quality hair extensions in the Chicago area. Robinson is a mother, a law student, and also a mentor at a local high school.

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I was able to test run the Peruvian Straight hair and from the packaging to the actual hair, Amara Sapphire is truly a luxe brand and product. It’s been about two weeks since the hair was installed and I have seen little to no shedding, the hair is easy to manage and holds a curl. I would definitely recommend purchasing your next bundles from Amara Sapphire.

With so many hair companies today, what sets Amara Sapphire apart from other hair extension companies?

Customers get to know me. We are really looking to not be a company that just sells hair. It’s really important to us to be active in the community, make a difference, and empower young girls and women that “you can be yourself and you can be beautiful”.

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