Janell Stephens of Camille Rose Naturals sheds light on her beginnings
and how she introduced organic ingredients into the natural hair movement.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive if you’re rocking those natural curls, the beautiful mane you’ve been gifted with. Wherever you look – from Netflix shows to Coca Cola commercials, dentistry billboards, and of course all those pics flooding your feed – there seems to be thousands of images portraying the beauty and creativity behind the self-expression that is natural hair. But not too long ago words such as “nappy” and “kinky” dominated the landscape, opinions which decried the natural hair oppressive status quo. There are many individuals we have to thank for fighting the fight, for enlightening the minds of the public, helping to shine a light on natural hair in spite of the naysayers. One of these is the beautiful boss woman, Janelle Stephens, founder of Camille Rose Naturals.

For almost a decade, Janelle Stephens, and therefore Camille Rose Naturals, has been at the forefront of the natural hair movement. As a vegan, who emphasizes clean and organic ingredients in her beauty products, Stephens is a thriving health-centric entrepreneur, mother of five, and #mastermixtress, who is constantly on the hunt to discover new ways to not only improve the beauty industry but human wellness. In this interview, she opens up about her journey to natural hair, while discussing what it takes to build a brand and her ultimate goals for the company.

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Makeup by Jeremy Dell

Hair by Stephen King

Style by DeQuincy Atterberry with Shelena Omokaro of

Photography by Nathan Pearcy