Angel Mobley is a faith based entrepreneur who has a developed a ministry and beauty brand to empower women.  At a young age,  Angel was playing in her mom’s make up and making over friends. So naturally,  it made sense to develop her own brand since she was endorsing other brands. HALO by Angel is more than a beauty brand, but a ministry. Mobley sat down with SHEEN to discuss what it’s like to be the mastermind of a cosmetic company on the rise.

Being a faith based entrepreneur, how do you use faith based principles to run your business?

Let me tell you, as an entrepreneur I use faith period! I have to live by it. Sometimes, faith, is all you have.  Entrepreneurship is tough, like seriously. The sacrifices, the insecurities, the mistakes, the hustle, the coordinating, and the everyday life of total dependence on faith and hope alone makes entrepreneurship tough! So… shout out to all of us dreamers and visionaries pursuing destiny, I get it and you aren’t alone. I’m praying for your strength, and I am believing God for your success. I pray you don’t grow weary in your well doing, because…you will in fact reap a mighty harvest, IF you faint not. I totally just remixed one of my favorite scriptures, Galatians 6:9; BUT I hope you get it. 

What made you start a cosmetics company?

HALO by Angel is truthfully a dream come true! When I was younger, it was my thing to play in moms makeup, and she had the good stuff too…I use to try and cover my acne with my mom’s foundation. I guess she got tired of me using up her stuff so my mom put me in a modeling school to help build my confidence and I adored it! It changed my life. Everything I learned about modeling and makeup coupled with confidence I was gaining because of my budding relationship with God I would share with my girlfriends. What I’m essentially saying is, using beauty to build confidence was something I was doing since I was 13 years old and I didn’t even know it.

What makes your brand stand out from other beauty brands?

HALO by Angel is a ministry first. If Halo doesn’t inspire, then Halo has no purpose. My line is designed to inspire women and build something on the inside that’s translated on the outside. All of my products have biblical conations derived from the bible. Its purpose is to have; even if a moment an opportunity for my clients to think about God through every application of my product.

What’s your stance on women of color being represented in the beauty industry?

My stance on women of color represented in the beauty industry is very simple. Because beauty looks very different for all of us it’s imperative that we see a representation of all of us in this beautiful industry that we call beauty. Why? Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if what I’m beholding doesn’t reflect the beauty that I represent we haven’t actually maximize the full potential of what beautiful could be around the entire world. My addition to this industry is not only to add the color of beauty to the industry but to also add the flavor of spiritual confidence to the industry. 

What does the future hold for HALO by Angel? Where do you see your company going?

Forecasting the next few years is so exciting for me! Within a year, I’d like to see HALO by Angel in the major market with major distribution deals with Sephora, Macy’s, and Sally’s beauty supply store. I’d love to see HALO by Angel all over billboards across the world. I’d love to be featured on an array of nationally syndicated talk & radio shows for the brand. However, what brings me the most joy are the letters and messages I receive from women who have been encouraged by the brand, nothing tops that feeling. So to be honest, exposure is great! Make no mistakes, because with that comes increase of sales, whooo-hoo! But…. my true mission is to be an ambassador for God. I must do that unapologetically and in love. Without judgement, without ridicule, but in Love and in Power. The future needs to reflect that.  So if in the next year I continue to receive an influx of letters, emails, and messages on social media about the power of their experience with the brand; I have served my life’s purpose.

All images by Kelly Mobley of SyncMeStudios