The couple debuted their Photo Glam 360 Infiniti photo booth at the 2022 Sheen Awards

Just 5 months ago, entrepreneurs Angilee and Barsolino LeConte embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would transform events in an engaging, colorful, and impactful way. They never imagined that their passion for fun and excitement would open doors to Hollywood’s elite and powerful socialites – changing the trajectory of their lives forever. 

The Leconte’s brought their A-Game to the red carpet last month at the 2022 Sheen Awards Show in Atlanta, Georgia when they debuted their Infiniti Model 360 Photo Glam Booth. From the vibrant color changes to the one-of-a-kind runway, they presented Sheen Award guests with an “I’m The Boss” money carpet that no eyes in Hollywood had ever seen before. 

We had the walkway turned green and it surrounded the 360 with silk flames that turned green. It was a gorgeous presentation,” Angilee tells Sheen. Vito, Pastor Troy, and a host of celebrities from the old and new school walked the lighted runway. 

To date, other notable events they’ve serviced have been Dr. Heavenly’s magazine cover release party which featured their famous “Magic Mirror,” and The Fibroid Awareness Bunch. It was there that the stars noticed them and began booking their Photo Glam Booth for major events. 

After we did the initial charity event. Dr. Heavenly saw us and she booked us for her event.  We were excited to have Cynthia Bailey walk the Glam walkway and take pictures in our 360 Photo Booth at that event. That was the opening weekend and we just had a lot of fun – it was beautiful to see all of these powerful, successful entrepreneurs and African-American women, young women doing their thing in Atlanta,” she says.

Angilee added, “It was very inspiring to see them and it was my first time being in that kind of atmosphere so that was very memorable to me, it made me see that wow if these women can do it, we can too. It gave me that Atlanta spirit that you can really achieve your dreams and be an entrepreneur in this city. That event will always stick with me as one of my favorites in addition to The Sheen Awards.” 

And while the power couple is honored to have executed the transformative experiences in over 50 events in just 5 months, they are most known for bringing their one-of-a-kind experience and excitement to TLC’s Chili and music producer Dallas Austin’s son Trey Austin’s Birthday Party. 

The Leconte’s recently spoke with Sheen about their entrepreneurial journey, memorable moments, and what their children have been learning with the new baton placed in their hands. 


Tell us about your Infiniti Glam Booth and Atlanta’s new famous “Magic Mirror.” 

Angilee: We have the interactive magic air mirror – it’s a 5 ½ foot full-length mirror and when you walk up to it it has a gorgeous welcome screen highlighting your event. When you touch the screen it takes your photo sessions and it immediately sends them to your phone. We have two 360 Booths – the standard 360 Booth and the large Infiniti model – it’s the newest on the market. It’s a gorgeous machine but what makes us special is the extras that we have that no one else has. We created a gorgeous presentation with our 5 ft tall silk color-changing flames, and we have a gorgeous L E D lighted walkway that you walk to the 360 experience. We have amazing L E D props that I personally make that are highly, highly enjoyed by everyone – especially the Hello Beautiful Prop [the ladies love that one]. And our photo booth is just fun, our guarantee is that you will not walk into the room and see another presentation like PhotoGlam 360 anywhere in Georgia. 


Tell me about the journey, how this all started, and where the idea came from. 

Angilee: Well, the idea came from me. Somehow over the last few years, I turned into quite a social butterfly and wanted to start a business that my husband and I could do together, incorporate our children, and make it a family business. We needed something that we knew would be challenging and hard work but also fun. Something that would also highlight my over-the-top personality because I’m a people person and I can talk to anyone. So, I decided that the photo booth would be the new, perfect business for us. We’ve executed quite a few photo booths and everything became more routine so we wanted to do something that was just so different, that would shock everyone, and make everyone excited again. So, we got that opportunity for The 2022 Sheen Awards. We’ve been in this business now going on our fifth month so the opportunities for what we have done in 5 months have been really amazing. It started with our official May 1st, 2022 launch. To prepare to launch I volunteered to do a charity event just to get my foot wet and have the experience of doing an event without the pressure of the demands that would come from a paid event. From that event, we discovered that it was the magic mirror that they loved. Automatically, a few PR and media people saw it and they just started booking us for more events ever since so it’s been about 4 months and we’re going into our 5th month. We’ve done probably between 30-40 events so far. 

Barsolino: There was also a lot of growing, trial-and-error, learning, and trying to perfect our craft. We always love it when our fans come together and like it and we’re challenged about a  hiccup that may come about because it adds to our portfolio of things that we overcome, perfect, and really just add that final touch to that memory of a lifetime. 

Angilee: We’ve definitely gotten better with each event. For every event we sit back, we look at the videos, we look at the pictures, we see what could’ve been better, and we improve on the next event so we always self-critique ourselves. My mind does not stop thinking, so every time you see us I have something new to add to the photo booth. My presentation is definitely over-the-top glamorous and over the top eye-catching. So you’ll definitely stop when you see my photo booth, come over, and want to be in the photo booth so it would really enhance any event. 


Q: Talk about the experience of covering the annual Sheen Awards for 2022. 

Angilee: It was a great experience. Pretty large event for us so we’re grateful for the opportunity. At the event, we featured the Infiniti 360 which is the newest Infiniti on the market – it’s an extra large, all-glass gorgeous machinery. We also featured our full-length Magic Air Mirror so it was a beautiful experience. The guests had never seen a presentation like ours before. We tried to do something out of the box and glamorous so it was very well received. The people were excited, the lines kept coming, and they did not stop using it – it was a beautiful experience, beautiful people, just very positive. 

Barsolino: We felt honored to be chosen as a company to service that event. The atmosphere itself was electrifying – we’re glad that we added and contributed. It was unreal and we really enjoyed the interaction with the guests, we were honored to be there. 


Q: Talk to me about your experience teaching your children entrepreneurship and some of the values you’ve been able to instill in them. 

Angilee: We have a 16 daughter, a 13-year-old son, and a 12-year-old daughter. Depending on the event, we’ve been able to take our children on a few events with us. We were hired to do a book signing for a young girl – I think she was about 5 years of age so we were able to bring our children to that event and they were able to experience it so they really enjoyed that. And they enjoyed just being a part of it – they were working, they were hauling equipment, putting the equipment together. So they were just getting used to this being a family business and they had to also participate. They worked and hauled equipment. My 16-year-old daughter is on it. Whenever I can, I bring her with me. She was with me last weekend and when I was talking to the host, when I looked around she was breaking everything down, packing everything. “Mom, it’s time to go, we got to go,” she said. It’s been amazing seeing our kids grow and build responsibility within them. They’re actually going to school now and promoting our business – our kids are our biggest promoters now. They’re telling everybody “book our company”! So, they’re quite little business people themselves.

Barsolino: We also enjoy letting them see the discipline involved in planning an event and getting the equipment up and ready. So, they’re involved in it and seeing them grow up in disciple and seeing them involved in what it takes to embark on a business is priceless. 


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