Mother of two and creator of Apryl Wines, Apryl Jones cannot stop grinding. Within the first few moments of speaking with Jones, it is clear that the she is a woman of many hats. Since the start up of her wine collection, Apryl has continuously been looking for ways to empower other women. With the challenges life has thrown her way, Apryl pushes herself everyday to be a motivating factor to women around the world and her children. We spoke with Apryl to discover her vision behind Apryl Wines and how she plans on continuing to helping others.

Do you mind sharing the idea behind creating your own wine collection, Apryl Wines?

I often tell people that the start of Apryl Wines was honestly just by the grace of God. I’ve always had a love for wine. I never thought that I would start a business in it but before the start of 2017, one of my really good friends was telling me that she knew a man that wanted to brand with someone. She introduced me to a man that owns a winery and he was interested in starting a brand partnership! That was kind of how Apryl Wines started, there was no vision behind it, it was just an amazing opportunity and we started from there.

Apryl Wines stands out among many wine collections, could you describe the movement behind the collection?

At the time, I was going through a lot in my relationship. During that tough time in my life, wine was that aspect that motivated me. When I went through all of that, I wanted to give back to other women that were struggling or dealing with a breakup. With all the pain that built up, I wanted to use it to empower other strong women. I just want to bring women together to help empower one another.

You’re admired for going hard to achieve all your accomplishments thus far. Could you share any hardships you’ve had to face in order to get where you are today as a woman, entrepreneur, and mother?

As far as my hardships, I would say that the way I was raised played a role in challenges I’ve faced. I was not raised by my mother or my father. I’m the baby of four children and my mother is the only one here from Taiwan. She had to give up her two youngest to stay with my father’s mother in Cincinnati, Ohio until my mother was finished raising my two older siblings. By the time I was eleven, I kind of grew angry with her, it was just a lot of emotional transitions that put me through a lot. As a little girl who doesn’t have her mother or father, I felt a bit abandoned. I think the disappointment I endured at such a young age is actually used to my benefit today because I don’t expect things from people. It’s all put me where I’m at now. I’ve been through so much, I don’t think it could get worse. With the mentality of having gone through all those challenges, it has put me into a position now where I’m more aware and in tune with myself.

Do you believe that becoming a mother has played a role in the business aspect of your life?

100% I think becoming a mother has shifted my whole life. (laughs) In every aspect, especially with business because this is my livelihood. It’s not just mine, I have to be responsible for not one child, but two now. Everyday when I wake up, it’s like, “Alright Apryl, you have to hustle!” That’s just my mentality. So yes, being a mother drives very hard in my business, my branding, and everything because my children are number one. They’re my daily motivation, so I have to be on my grind constantly.

What can we expect from Apryl Jones in 2018?

You can expect me to continue to grow as far as my business. I’m currently writing a book. When I was in my relationship, I kind of lost myself as far as who I am. I got away from my music for awhile so I would love to get back into that. I really just want to inspire, travel, and doing what I do in terms of women empowerment.

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