Although the holiday season has come and gone, the holiday cheer has not cease to exist. Mother of two and creator of Apryl Wines, Apryl Jones honored three hard-working mothers with an unforgettable Christmas present. Jones partnered with 7Q Spa Medical Center to take each nominated mommy for a day of pampering, collaborating with brands such as Fashion Nova, Studio Kay and Food Haus.

Beginning with a wine tasting of Apryl’s collection, the ladies enjoyed cheese, crackers and fruit as well. Apryl gave a toast praising each mother for her hard work and dedication, afterwards they were pampered at 7Q Spa where they received the Hollywood experience. Each mother received a glowing facial and a makeover by makeup artist Iris Garcia.

After a lovely dinner at Food Haus Cafe where the women bonded through stories of hardship and triumph, the three mothers were awarded exclusive styling from a Fashion Nova location as they chose two outfits!

The day concluded with holiday cheer and enjoy. Apryl hopes to continue pampering mothers by honoring sisterhood and motherhood.

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Photo credit: Ugochukwu