Are you wasting too much money on beauty products and/or fashion trends? And if so, could you go a year or more without shopping?

Well, Certified Financial Educator Marsha Barnes and owner of The Finance Bar—a mobile site that provides financial counseling has, and isn’t ashamed to remix the same outfit per week to increase the digits in her bank account.

SHEEN caught up with the financial guru to talk money, adopting a minimalist mindset and not being afraid to wear the same outfit twice.

What is your background in money management and how long have you been in the industry?

My background is in money management, and expands beyond 12 years to include numerous years in the financial industry, and formal training as a Certified Financial Educator.

Why are your services essential for people who’d like to improve their finances?

The Finance Bar offers services that allow us to meet people where they are on their financial journey (literally). Over 50% of Americans are stressed daily at their place of employment over bills, debt, lack of savings and the list goes on. Our mobile hub allows us to travel to those locations to provide onsite counseling and help to those who need a sense of direction and hope.

What percentage of women do you notice spend too much on fashion and beauty products?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that women spend too much on fashion or beauty products because the fact is what I’ve found is that there’s no budget at all when it comes to fashion, hair, or beauty products. That’s the challenge. There has to be balance of what is being spent which allows women to enjoy pampering themselves while being mindful of the other areas that money needs to be distributed.

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What are 3 tips that you could provide to help solve this?

There should always be a line item in your budget for personal, which includes (beauty products, hair, nails, etc.). Balance is key.

Repurpose and reuse. At some point repeating the same outfits became a “no-no” or a bad thing. Setting expectations of ourselves that are compared to celebrities is often unrealistic. The resolve is simple, come back to “your” reality.

You initiated a discussion on your Instagram account about women wearing multiple outfits a week to save money, what’s been the reception that you’ve received from women, and have you ever remixed an outfit to save money?

The reception has been surprising. In 2015 more women began to transition to a minimalist lifestyle for a few reasons that include to save more money (or to save more time). In some professions, wearing a uniform daily is required and those individuals aren’t judged. We are often fearful of how we will be perceived if we adopt a uniform mentality. I have often heard that not having several options to choose from each day means that you lack a sense of fashion or style. Neither are true. Those thoughts only exist in our head, and yes, I remix outfits all the time.

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