Feeling like you’re in the “Grey”? You know, that hopeful, yet confusing space between you and someone of interest? You’ve exceeded friendship activities and have established more of an intimate connection, but still can’t seem to escape the friend zone! You eventually find yourself jumping through hoops to show you can be more than a friend, but end up with unmet expectations.

Follow these 5 simple steps to stay clear of that Grey area and remove yourself from the friend zone!

  1. Know What They’re Looking For

The biggest issue today is that you waste so much time looking for someone who is not looking for you! We get so caught up in creating this dramatically long list of must haves, without acknowledging that the person we desire also has a list too! Most of the time people are pretty vocal about what they’re looking for and what they’re not (especially men), so pay attention and take notes!

  1. Make Your Desires Known

Most of the time men are the first to say “I’m not ready for anything serious”. There is nothing wrong with either sex making this statement if it’s true! Don’t be afraid to make your desires known and be clear about your intentions! Both parties will benefit from the clarity.

  1. No Sex!


  1. Set Boundaries

Why milk the cow when you can get the milk for free? If you’re not dating or in a relationship don’t act like it! Stop being so free of your time, emotions and your body! Doing so won’t motivate the other person to be in a relationship with you if it’s not their intention. So, reserve those benefits for the person who is ready to be more than friends!

  1. No More Mr. Nice Guy/Girl

Don’t tie up your emotions by being the only person sacrificing and making an investment. While you’re developing feelings, you’re “friend” is reaping all the benefits! So, don’t be too nice and fall too deep before giving the other person the opportunity to do the same!

Know that when it comes to staying out of that “grey area” called the friend zone there has to be mutual interest to advance the relationship! Even though someone has all the makings to being the right mate, doesn’t mean that they want to be the right mate for you! Don’t allow the pressure of being single for a long time or the need of wanting an intimate connection create the allusion that because you’ve been a good friend, and have maybe shared intimate moments that your love interest is obligated to give you something more.