DeVon Franklin’s latest film, Breakthrough shares a powerful message!

Imagine for a moment that you, along with your friends, are hanging out at the neighborhood lake, on a beautiful winter day. You’re walking across the frozen water, pretending to prepare for the Olympics when, all of a sudden, the ice breaks beneath you, and you fall through!

This sounds like the beginning of an amazing movie that would challenge your faith and heighten your fear, regarding the possibility of losing a loved one in such a tragic way. Yet this story could also show the strength of a community, as they ban together in the face of heartbreak, and the immeasurable faith of one woman, so powerful that it brings her son back from death’s door.

Now who in the world would be fitting enough to accurately depict such a story? DeVon Franklin, that’s who!

In Breakthrough, Franklin brings us the miraculous story of a fourteen-year-old boy who, following a tragic accident on the ice is declared dead for a period of one full hour, and how the power of a determined mother’s prayers bring him back to life. Breakthrough displays faith working at its highest level, and get this, the movie is based on true events.

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