Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the weather is changing and so are the fashion trends! The year 2018 is bringing back some old fashion favorites along with some new ones. Now it’s time to put away the boots and over sized sweaters and pull out the bright colors, lighter fabrics and, that’s right, FANNY PACKS!

Here are some of the hottest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2018.

Print on print

This former no-no is now a huge yes for the warmer months of this year! Pairing different prints such as floral with stripes or plaids is a huge fashion favorite for those that are daring enough to give this trend a try. Wanna stand out this spring? Mix it up!


Jumpsuits are not just for toddlers. They are for the fashion forward adults as well, coming in as a top fashion trend this year. The awesome thing about this trend is that you can get very creative with just one piece so pull out your jumpsuit and jump into style.

Denim paired with denim

Somehow, some way, denim is always in the fashion mix. This season is no different as Canadian tuxedos make the list for fashion must do’s. Denim on denim is a great way to put a fashionably current spin on an old favorite so pull out those jeans and make them look fab by throwing a denim on top!

Fanny packs

Some of you 80’s babies may remember when fanny packs were “it.” Fast forward to 2018 and they have found their way back to the fashion spotlight. This not-so-new trend has a dual purpose. It serves as a great look as well as a way to keep all of your essentials on your hip or, “fanny.”


This year, you just may see more workout wear on the runway than in the gym. This is since sportswear is a big thing in fashion this year. Whether you are rocking full workout attire dressed up with accessories and fierce pumps or mixing your athletic wear with a nice skirt, you will be on trend and turning heads for Spring/Summer 2018.

Fashion is ever-changing and there are quite a few others that are not included. In all things fashion, have fun and be bold. Life is a runway, why not rock it?

Featured Image: Shutterstock