Rae gives us an artistic view in the workings of inner beauty, outer beauty, and the power of a paintbrush.

Born true to her name, Pastel Rae is a young California artist painting her way through history. Leading organizations such as the Give Back Sac initiative, Rae truly is blazing a trail for herself and others. We spoke with the young artist about her inspirations and future plans.

Tell me about the Give Back Sac.

I love giving back. Other than art, that is my passion and my purpose. I used to want to bake cookies for my neighbors, but I really suck at baking so that wasn’t going to work. Back home we have an extremely large population of homeless people and I really wanted a way to give back. So I decided why not make a care package of hygiene products and things that we take for granted. The very first year my friend and I raised enough money to do 50 bags. Now we are going into our fifth year and we were able to do 250 bags this year. Even something so small, they’re so grateful. It’s not easy raising money, because people don’t always trust you with their money. A lot of this is my art money and comes out of my own pocket. I just want to give back to the people in the community; from the homeless, to kids needing school supplies. Whether small or big, I just want to be out there.

How did your upbringing California play a part in your art?

I think being in California is a lot different than being an artist on the East Coast. In California, there are a lot of “fake it until you make it” kind of people. You’re competing against so many people. So it’s really difficult to get out there. California is very fast paced in comparison to other places. So in my art, there are a lot of racy things– race, sexual, etc.

Have you dealt with adversity in the industry so far?

Being a black female trying to make it with a certain body type, it’s very difficult to be taken seriously sometimes. I get a lot of comments about my body. Being a woman and doing business, you may not get taken seriously. If you have looks and have a body for “other things,” you may not get taken seriously for what you want to do. It’s hard but when you see the bigger picture of your business, you look passed it.


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