Fashionista, Ashley North is not only known for her timeless sense of style when it comes to all things fashion but there’s more to her than just the glitz and glam. North is known for selecting notable fashion pieces for Kevin Hart and many influential personalities all over the world but she’s here to let us know that she’s got more up her sleeve and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Check out our exclusive interview with Ashley North as she gives insight into her lifestyle line, ANSTYLE and shares her stylist journey.

What inspired you to create the ANSTYLE Home brand?

Your home is an extension of your personal style. I’ve always taken pride in my home and when I shop for my home each room is inspired by something different, it’s something I truly enjoy!

Image credit: TBA CREATIVE & Nathalie Gordon

Congratulations on being one of the Hollywood Reporter Top 25 Stylists in 2018! How has beauty and fashion influenced you to be successful in your career?

Thank you, it’s truly an honor to be recognized by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s kind of surreal being that I started as an assistant and worked my way to this point in my career. Beauty and fashion is LIFE I’m just amused by it all an inspired it’s really a second language to me! (laughs)

What trends do you believe will be hot for the upcoming spring season this year?

I’m a huge fan of prints, I love a good leopard or pop of color. Color blocking has and always will be a fashionable moment. I always try to incorporate color and prints when I’m working with a client.

How would you describe your overall stylist journey?

Hard work and dedication…. (laughs) So cliché but starting from assisting great stylist and really studying fashion. Hands-on training has obviously taught me the “do’s and don’ts” of the job but overall studying. I travel, I attend shows, I study with my tailor and do lots of trend forecasting. It’s an ever-evolving journey!

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Tell us about the new products you will be launching soon.

Coming out with a VALENTINES signature scent in addition to my three signature scents that are on the market now. Lots of collabs in 2019 and expanding my HOME sector.

What can we expect to see from Ashley North in the future?

You can expect to see AN STYLE EVERYWHERE! I’m claiming it! I’ll be in your home, on your TV, etc. We have some exciting ventures coming this year and I’m excited to introduce them to the world!

Featured Image: TBA CREATIVE  & Nathalie Gordon | All images provided by The AA Group