I had the pleasure of meeting the green life eating, smart home living, and electric car driving Ashley Renne – the world-traveling vegan. Originally working in video production for the likes of The Weather Channel, Home Depot, and WebMD, Ashley took her content creating know-how and applied it to her passion for world travel by creating Travel Lushes, and the international doors of possibility opened! However, her transformation was not yet fully realized. She explains that after witnessing a trash-covered beach, something changed in her. This moment shaped her into the eco-friendly, vegan living, sustainable world traveler she has become. and what an inspiration she is for us all!

What are the benefits of being a vegan?

When you go vegan and do it properly, you’re on a clean diet, one that consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, and healthy food. You find yourself feeling so much better than you did before. What inspired me to go vegan is my love for animals. I wanted to show respect for animals, and I began to understand that I didn’t have to kill anything in order to live. I wanted to be able to have a guilt-free diet and lifestyle, where I didn’t feel bad about what I was wearing or consuming.


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Featured Image: Ashley Renne | Instagram