Congresswoman Maxine Waters aka Auntie Maxine was honored at the annual televised award show Black Girls Rock produced by BET. The award show honors various black women who are dominating in various fields, leaving no one left out.

While the evening showcased various shades, sizes, ethnic backgrounds and the diverse roles that women are playing in their respective fields, one woman ended up stealing the show. That was in fact, Auntie Maxine! An established congresswoman who has been involved in public service for over twenty years and is all about “reclaiming her time!” LOL! Last evening was not about Waters appearing as as a meme or a catch phrase. Last evening was about viewing Maxine Waters as a game changer, trailblazer and a voice which will be heard even in darkness.

The public servant continues to grab attention as millennials have gravitated to her, as she has done the same towards them. The congresswoman has showed out and will continue to show us that the work does not begin from the top, but from the bottom up. When one views the career of the California congresswoman, words such as courage, character and charisma only come to mind.

Waters has taught us a powerful lesson over the past year. The congresswoman may not hold the most powerful seat in the House, but when you speak up for what you believe, you will be heard and most importantly listened to. That lesson was displayed in her speech when said “if you come for me, I’m coming for you!”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters,you are a Black Girl that Rocks!

Featured Image: Shutterstock